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Sociological research: Questionnaire


the educational achievements of individuals is significanlty influenced by their families background and house life. With these factors potentially affecting access to resources and overall academic performance

Year 12: 25 peopleYear 13: 25 peoplewhat we got back:year 12: 24/25year 13: 23/25

In our research we found that the average GCSE grade in year 12 for asian and mixed students was higher than the average for white and other ethnic minority studentsThe average GCSE grade in year 13 for asian, african and white studnts were higher than the average for the mixed ethnic group.


sample size

Totals in 50


Percentage of the ethnicities

  • the biggest percentage was asian
  • and the smallest one is black

  • During our reasreach, we found that parents from all ethnicities who have high paying professional jobs have children who have achieved high gcse grades.
  • e.g grades 7-9
  • Aditionally, parents with high paying professional jobs also wanted their children to go into one.
  • e.g doctors , lawyers and engineering
  • Students with less than 5 people in their household said that it hasn't impacted their school work in any way.
  • Students with more than 5 people in thier household said that it has impacted their school work.

  • Challenges faced: some people didn't answer all the questions, some people didnt give in their questionnaires, some people lied and put silly answers.
  • We only gave questionnaires to sixth formers so as a result everyones grades were relatively high which means that it doesn't actually compare to the uk governmant statistics that well.
  • Because we used random sampling our data was reliable but not as valid
  • It was ethical since it was anoynomous and there was no obligation to fill it in
  • It wasn't exactly representative as there was only one black person.
  • What could be done differntly: give it to more people as some were in lessons or busy.