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Immersive Book Talks

AR and RFID Technology Could Have the Ability to Reinvent Book Talks

While the students were amazed and engaged with the technology, the lack of access to YouTube, and extremely slow internet ended the project before it truly began. Despite this, the idea of using AR to encourage reader interest in books never left me.

My name is Sarah, and I hold a BA in History and English, a BEd, and a Teacher-Librarian Diploma from UBC. I currently work as a teacher-librarian in Atlantic Canada.Prior to returning to Canada I worked as a Teacher-Librarian in China and discovered Aurasma, one of the first widely used AR applications at the time (it has since been discontinued). It was here that I started experimenting with AR and books. Publishers sometimes create book trailers in order to build up interest and excitement around new books. I had always viewed books as a way to enter new words, and programmed Aurasma to project book trailers on top of the books, to metaphorically allow students a sneak peak inside the hidden world of the story.

The Inspiration