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Consultation for colouring

Level 2 part 3

  • To minimise damage to clients skin, clothes and surrounding area what precautions must be taken?
  • The importance of sectioning hair correctly when colouring & lightening hair is to ?
  • The importance of preparing your clients hair before a service is to check for?
  • Why is it important to protect clients skin prior to a colour service?


  • Depth
  • Tone
  • % of white hair
  • Target shade

The principles of colour selection?

Covering White or Grey hair

  • Identifying the percentage of white hair
  • The amount of white hair on a head is described as:
  • Percentage (%) of grey hair
  • So, if every second hair on the head were white (half the total number) the head would be said to be 50% grey
Goldwell measure percentage of white hair as follows:
  • 10-30% white = small amount
  • 30-60% white = half/half
  • 60-100% white = large amount

N, NA & NN shade

  • These are specially designed for coverage on white hair
  • If you have white hair and require coverage your formula must contain a percentage of N shade or NA shade
  • NN is designed to cover resistant white hair
  • Do not comb through a NN shade onto hair that is already coloured

White or Grey Coverage

  • You would recommend permanent colour for a client with over 80% white hair
  • A clients skin tone should compliment the colour of their hair, when possible it should look natural
  • Coarse hair will be more resistant to colour you could use a NN shade
  • Pre-softening is a process that makes resistant hair take colour more effectively
  • Hydrogen peroxide is applied to the resistant hair then dry in before applying the target shade

Resistant White Hair

These are contra-indications to a colouring service

  • Medical advice or instructions
  • Other known allergies
  • Client has an infestation
  • Client has an infectious condition
  • Client has incompatible products on their hair
  • Broken skin
  • Hair damage


  • Why is it important to inform your client of the likely cost, duration and expected outcome of the service?
  • During consultation what hair factors impact on colouring and lightening services?
  • Why is it important to recognise any contra-indications to the colour and lightening service
  • What effect do contra-indications have on the delivery of colouring lightening services?
  • What is the current legal requirements and recommendations for colouring & lightening services regarding client age?
  • Why is it important for you and your client to wear personal protective equipment (PPE)?
  • When consulting with clients why is it important to ask clear questions and to record answers?