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After a long day, you arrive home and are surprised to find no one there.When you go to the kitchen, you find a note and decide to read it...

Look at the note on the fridge





chocolate chips

Honey, I'm out to dinner.I left a recipe in the fridge for you to make cookies.Follow all the steps.I love you!

What is a main idea/central idea?

How a text is organized

What a fiction text is mostly about

What a nonfiction text is mostly about

What the authors is trying to explain

Caves are fascinating underground formations that have captured the curiosity of explorers for centuries. These natural wonders are typically formed by the gradual dissolution of soluble rocks, such as limestone, by water. As water seeps through the ground, it dissolves the rock over time, creating intricate passageways and chambers beneath the Earth's surface. Many caves feature unique formations like stalactites and stalagmites, which are created by the deposition of minerals from dripping water. Exploring caves can be an exciting adventure, but it's important to remember to do so safely and with proper guidance.

the different shapes of stalactites

the dangers of exploring caves

the types of rocks found in caves

the formations and exploration of caves

What is the main idea of this paragraph?

Within the ocean, you can find different zones, each with its own unique characteristics. The sunlight zone, also known as the euphotic zone, is the uppermost layer where sunlight penetrates, allowing plants to carry out photosynthesis. As you go deeper, you enter the twilight zone, where sunlight diminishes, and then the midnight zone, where it's completely dark.


shines through


breaks apart

What does the words penetrates mean in the sentence?





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Drag in the correct order





A. the friends celebrae the grand opening

B. the friends face a setback when the wind knocks down their parically built tree house

C. the friends gather material to build the treehouse

D. The friends create a plan for the treehouse design.


Once upon a time in the small town of Meadowville, there were four adventurous friends named Emma, Jake, Lily, and Ryan. They discovered a tall and mysterious tree in the heart of their neighborhood and decided to build the ultimate treehouse. However, there was a catch – they had to overcome various challenges to make their dream come true. They needed a solid plan. The friends gathered in Emma's backyard and brainstormed ideas for the treehouse. They decided on a design that included a trapdoor, a secret password, and a telescope for stargazing. They faced the challenge of gathering materials. Ryan suggested they ask their neighbors for old wood, and Lily volunteered to talk to her dad, who was a carpenter. With everyone's help, they collected enough materials to start building. As the construction began, they encountered a setback when a strong wind knocked down their partially built treehouse. It was disheartening, but the friends didn't give up. They learned from their mistakes, reinforced the structure, and added extra support. After weeks of hard work, the treehouse was finally complete. The friends decorated it with colorful flags and named it "The Meadowville Hideaway." They celebrated their success with a grand opening, inviting all their neighbors to share in the joy.

What is text structure?

things in a text to better undertand it

the way the text is organized


the way the author feels about something

the event that happen in the story

A. compare and contrast

B. cause and effect

C. chronological order

D. problem solution


Animals are incredible beings, and one of the reasons they have thrived for millions of years is their ability to adapt to different environments. Adaptations are special features or behaviors that help animals survive in their habitats. One common adaptation is camouflage. Some animals, like the chameleon, can change their colors to blend in with their surroundings. This helps them hide from predators or sneak up on prey. Another fascinating adaptation is the ability of certain animals to hibernate. When winter arrives and food becomes scarce, animals like bears go into a deep sleep. During this time, their heart rate drops, and they use stored fat for energy. This adaptation helps them conserve energy until the warmer months return. In the desert, where water is scarce, animals like the camel have developed the ability to store water in their humps. Camels can go for long periods without drinking, making them well-suited for life in arid environments.





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Farming is an essential activity that involves growing crops and raising animals to provide us with the food we eat. Farmers are like caretakers of the land, working hard to ensure that the plants and animals they raise are healthy and happy. Crops, such as fruits, vegetables, and grains, are grown in fields with care and attention. Livestock, including cows, chickens, and pigs, are raised on farms to give us meat, eggs, and dairy products. Farmers use special tools and machinery, like tractors and plows, to help them do their work more efficiently. Seasons also play a big role in farming, influencing when crops are planted and harvested. Overall, farming is a vital part of our lives, connecting us to the land and the delicious food on our plates.

Which answer best summarizes the information?

Farmers and farming are important parts of our lives and provide us with food, meats, and diary products.

People should be farmers to help grow crops and take care of animals.

In the sentence "The stars sparkled like diamonds in the night sky," what literary device is being used?





Once there was an orphaned boy who had a puppy he loved very much. One day, his grandfather said, “I am too frail to take care of you, and so we must ask our friends and neighbors if they can give you and your dog a home.” The boy was sad, but his puppy licked his toes and made him smile. They asked a family who hunted in the forest, another who traveled the seas, and another who fished in the river. They all agreed to look after the boy, but no one would take the puppy. Finally, they asked a childless couple who farmed the plains. When the couple saw how tightly the boy hugged his dog, they agreed to take care of them both. One morning, after two weeks had passed, the man and woman woke to hear the boy talking to his dog. “These people look after us well,” the boy said. To the couple’s surprise, the dog answered, for it was a talking dog.“Yes, they are kind. I have fresh food and water every day and a soft bed each night. I want to repay their kindness with good fortune.” Later, as the man prepared for the day ahead, the dog followed him around the camp, wagging her tail and running in circles. “I must find good soil and fresh water so I can sow seeds,” the man said to the boy. “Let me take your dog to keep me company as I look.” The two set out, and after a while, the dog barked and ran ahead. When the man caught up with her, she was digging and scratching at the bare earth, so the man dug too. He saw the earth was rich and dark, so he dug deeper, and before long fresh spring water bubbled out of the ground. He planted his seeds there, and soon he had the best crop of beans, corn, and squash on the plains. The man knew his good luck came from the talking dog. Hadn’t he heard her promise to repay him? When the families who turned the boy away because of his dog heard of the couple’s good fortune, they begged the boy to stay with them, but he refused. He and his dog stayed with the family that had shown them kindness, and they all had good luck ever after.

The boy who showed kindness

what is the main theme of the boy who showed kindness?

helping others brings good fortune

accepting challenges will bring good luck

it takes a villag to raise a child

never give up





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Every day, I watch the seagulls fly over our rooftop apartment. Sometimes I call out to them, but they are too busy chasing the fishing boats on the Yellow Sea to pay attention to me. One afternoon I found a seagull with an injured wing on our terrace. It couldn’t fly, so I wrapped it in a cloth and put it in the cradle I used as a baby girl. I offered it some sweet cakes and tea, but the bird turned its head away. “Please eat,” I pleaded. “You need food to get well!” Instead the seagull closed its eyes and slept. The next morning, the seagull flapped its injured wing—I could see the wing was beginning to heal. Encouraged, I said, “Good morning, little bird, let’s have some breakfast together.” Still the seagull wouldn’t eat the sweet dumplings I offered nor drink the green tea, even though I had sweetened it with honey, so I ate my breakfast with a sad heart. I wanted the seagull to be my friend, but how would it grow strong enough to play with me if it didn’t eat? After my schoolwork, I checked on the bird again, but it was very sleepy. The cut on its wing looked better, so I went onto the terrace to eat the baked chestnuts I had brought. Below me, at the fish docks, I watched the birds diving into the harbor as a girl about my age threw food to them. I ran down into the street and found her standing by some railings at the water’s edge, with a large yellow bucket at her feet. “What are you feeding the seagulls?” I asked her. “Pieces of fish,” she answered. “My father works on a fishing boat, and he gives me the scraps to feed to the birds.” “Will you help me feed my injured seagull?” I asked, and she agreed at once. We went back to my apartment and picked out some of the fish from her bucket, which the seagull happily ate and washed down with fresh water. We fed the bird again the next day and then watched as it flew away to join its seagull family. My seagull is gone, but I’m no longer lonely. Every day I share my lessons with my new friend, and afterward, we run down to the waterfront to feed the birds their tasty fish soup.

They show kindness, and they get something else in return.

They are unkind, and they get unkindness in return.

Wei and the Injured Bird

What is similar about the characters in BOTH (the boy who showed kindness and wei and the injured bird) passages?

They are looking for homes, and they get homes.

What is true about the animals in BOTH (the boy who showed kindness and wei and the injured bird) passages?

Humans show kindness to both animals.

Both animals are friends to the main characters.

Both animals are talking animals.

Humans get luck from both animals.

Saber-Toothed Tiger It might be hard to imagine that your pet cat, Sammy, is related to lions, tigers, and panthers; but he is. And stranger than that, Sammy is also distantly related to big cats that lived millions of years ago called saber-toothed tigers. The saber-toothed tiger appeared about 1.6 million years ago and lived in North and South America. They lived during the last ice age on Earth, in which the Earth got much colder than it is now. Ice sheets and glaciers covered much of the land. The saber-toothed tiger was a very strong animal. They were about 4 or 5 feet long and 3 feet tall. They weighed about 440 lbs. They were a bit smaller than a modern-day lion, but much heavier. They had 12-inch-long skulls and 2 huge sharp teeth. These teeth were up to 7 inches long. That's about the length of a brand new pencil! This animal had short legs and a short tail. Their front legs were especially powerful. Its body was adapted for springing onto prey, but they were not very fast runners. The saber-toothed tiger was a carnivore, a meat-eater. This fierce hunter may have eaten thick-skinned prey like mastodons (hairy, extinct elephants), horses, and bison. The saber-toothed tiger became extinct 11,000 years ago. So, Sammy will never get to meet his distant relative, the saber-toothed tiger.

The saber-toothed tiger was found all over the world.

The saber-toothed tiger was near the top of the food chain.

What can you infer about the Saber-Toothed Tiger?

The saber-toothed tiger was the largest predator.

The saber-toothed tiger went extinct 1.6 million years ago.





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