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This review will help you be successful and prep you to take the science 7, Unit 3 Test. This test is scheduled for 12/19/23

Unit 3 Test

A. planting trees and other plants on hillsides B. removing all trees and plants from hillsides C. building fences at the bases of the hills D. putting up signs that say "watch for falling rock"

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Which of these steps would help to reduce the chances of a mudslide occurring in a hilly region?

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As water flows underground, it slowly dissolves rock, forming a cave. This describes what process?

Dissolving Rock

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Physical Weathering

Glaciers can carve out large ___________________ through mountains.

Look at the examples of sandstone below. Will the big rocks or the smaller rocks weather faster? Press on the hotspot to select your answer.




Label the correct locations by dragging the words to the 3 boxes on the picture

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Sediment is carried off by the wind.

Oxygen reacts with minerals in the rock, causing the rock to oxidize.

There are small plants growing throughout crevices in the rock.

There are multiple cracks observed in the rock.

Chemical Weathering



Classify each statement into the correct category.

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Drag the words to match each description to the correct formation found in a cave.




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Drag the words to match each description to the correct rock type.

A. a mixture of rock and mineral particles B. a mixture of decayed organic materials C. a mixture of air and water D. all of the above

What is Soil?

Weathering VERSUS ErosionYou need to be able to explain the two

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A heat and pressure B melting and cooling C weathering and erosion D cementation and compaction

Hint: Ingeous rock is what is formed from volcanoes!

What processes need to occur in order for metamorphic rock to transform into igneous rock? Metamorphic ----> igneous

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We want to STOP the slide from happening

Planting trees and other plants on the hillside will help stop a mudslide. The roots of the plants will help anchor the land in place.


As glaciers move they scrape and pick up rocks. This will cause deep grooves in the soil and over time can create a valley


this word means a chemical reaction is taking place.