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leaving a legacy: ancient grafFiti


What have the inscriptions on the walls of caves and other monuments helped us understand better?

Where is one of the most extensive collections of historical graffiti?

What kind of messages can be found in the Maeshowe Chambered Cairn?

Apart from providing clues about who had visited a site and why, in what way are ancient "graffiti" messages significant?

Who had carved the messages on the Egyptian tomb?

What insight can we take from ancient graffiti?

leaving a legacy: ancient grafFiti


State two reasons why we should visit them.

Have you ever visited a simllar place?

To what extent should society balance the artistic expression with the preservation of cultural heritage?

Ancient tourists who have visited the area

That human beings want to create things that will outlive them.

We depend on them for understanding early languages and writing systems.

history and the mindsets of ancient peoples

In the Maeshowe Chambered Cairn, a Neolithic tomb in the Orkney islands

Small notes declaring someone had been there and mysterious references to hidden treasure