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  • Sandro Botticelli created this painting in 1483. A very long time ago.
  • Venus represents beauty and valour
  • Mars represents the god of war.

  • Humanism is an understanding of the power of one human, and the enhancement of that power through collective work. Two examples are the woman (Venus) watching the man (Mars) sleep while the child-like creatures are playing around having a good time.

  • Some architectural things are that it seems like Mars and Venus are in a little hut. Also the way everything looks inside of the pictures for example the outside and the way everything flows well together. Everything is detailed.

  • Some perspectives in this painting are aerial and foreshortening.
  • This painter used egg-tempera and oil to create this painting.
  • A naturalism example is the way Mars and Venus are laying together natural with the way Mars has no clothes on.

  • The religious figures of this allegory are Roman gods Venus, goddess of love and Mars, god of war.
  • This painting is showing beauty and bravery, representing an ideal view of gratifying marriage and love.

  • This has no Pre-Renaissance painting, but during the Renaissance most paintings have more detailed anatomy. During the Renaissance it seemed like the art was more detailed in general.

  • It brought a new emphasis on naturalism and modeling, and basically an attempt to show nature as it is.

  • The artist may have different beliefs in gods and events which influenced this painting. Also, the architecture in this painting was very basic. Although, Architecture in the Renaissance was very unique, this painting the architecture was simple.

  • Vanishing point is a point on the horizon where lines disappear to form a 3D depth.
  • Mannerism is the characteristic traits to define an individual.
  • Vanishing is used in this painting by the horizon line in the back of the painting to form depth.

  • Mannerism is used in this painting by the way Venus and Mars are positioned and how they look. For example their facial expression.

  • A realism example is they way Mars and Venus are depicted in a natural state of relaxation and contentment on Venus's part and extinguishing on Mars's part.
  • In art of the Renaissance increasing value was placed on artistic innovation and creativity.

  • The introduction of these techniques changed the way people viewed art and marked a major shift in art history.
  • It helped shape the future because now artist focus on earthy details and realism.