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Organize your Microsoft OneDrive Computer Files

Organize your Google Drive

Organize your Outlook Inbox

Organize your Computer Desktop

Organize your Emails into Folders

OHIO: Only Handle It Once

Where did my downloads go?

Where are my email attachments?

Organize lots of files at one time: Hold down the Ctrl button and click on as many files as you need, then drag them all into a folder together (or delete them all at once!).

Use Clearly Labeled Folders

Search for files using the Search box in File Explorer

Create Folders and Subfolders to Organize Files

Save important files that have been shared with you by adding shortcuts

Color Code your Folders

Find Your Most Needed Files Easily

Search for files using the Search bar at the top of Google Drive Use this to find, rename, or delete unneeded files:

  • Search for "Untitled" to find files with no name
  • Search for "Copy of" to find files that you have multiple copies of

Do you really need it on your desktop? If not, DELETE IT!

Create Desktop Folders

Find what you need by sorting

Your desktop is backed up to your OneDrive, but sometimes you have to make sure it syncs! Click the little blue cloud in the lower right corner of your desktop to make sure your OneDrive is up to date.

If you downloaded a file from an email, it organizes itself into the Attachments folder in your OneDrive. To find downloaded email attachments:

They're in a OneDrive folder!

  • Go to your file explorer
  • Select OneDrive on the left file menu
  • Select the Attachments folder
  • From there, you can move your files wherever you need to. (Or delete them!)

Right click on your desktop background to bring up the menu. Select "Sort by" and then "Name" to place all your icons in alphabetical order.

Can't find your files among student work?

  • Add your copy to your Starred files
    • Right click > Organize > Add to Starred
  • Move your copy into a folder that holds all of your originals
    • Right click > Organize > Move


Whether you're using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, files downloaded from the Internet should populate in the Downloads folder on your computer. In both browsers, you can hit Ctrl+J to open your Downloads history to find the file.On your computer, find files in your File Explorer:Then locate your Downloads folder

Right click on your desktop background to bring up the menu.Select "New" and then "Folder" to create a new folder.Click and drag the icons you want from your desktop into that folder.

OHIO: Only Handle It Once

Don't read an email unless you have the time to respond or follow-up appropriately, otherwise you may forget it's there!But if you absolutely need to save a message to deal with later:

  • Flag an email to mark it as important but keep it in the same place in your inbox
  • Pin an email to move it to the top of your inbox
When you've handled the email, file it in the appropriate folder or delete it if you don't need it.

Right click in your OneDrive to activate the menu. Select "New," then "Folder" to create a new folder. Give it a clear name.Then, click and drag the appropriate files into that folder.

Don't fill up everyone's inbox!

Don't "Reply All" unless it's really necessary for EVERYONE to have that information. Usually, "Reply" is all that's truly needed -- but if it's a large group email, make sure you're replying to the right person by checking the name beside "To:" in your new email message!