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Danielson Model Framework of Teaching

Domain 4Professional Responsibilities

CCA UDL and Danielson Crosswalk

Additional Resources

CAST Crosswalk between UDL and Danielson FfT

4f Showing Professionalism

4c Communication with Families

4e Growing and Developing Professionally

4b Maintaining Accurate Records

4d Participating in a Professional Community

4a Reflecting on Teaching

Subdomains with examples and explanations


More Artifact Ideas

Artifact: Survey Questions for Reflective Practice

Designed to help teachers collect feedback from students about their use of the forty-one elements of reflective teaching. Can be integrated into your edio lesson

Reflection Survey Questions

4a Reflecting on Teaching

More Artifact Ideas

Artifact: Edio Log

The teacher has an efficient and effective process for recording student attainment of learning goals and non-instructional information. This can include, but isn't limited to edio logs and tab hub.

Logging student progress

4b Maintaining Accurate Records

More Artifact Ideas

Artifact: 9th grade Committment Day

The teacher provides opportunities for families to understand both the instructional program and their learner's progress. They offer engagement opportunities to families.

Bookings links, Newsletters, etc.

4c Communicating with Families

Artifact: PLC Agenda

The teacher maintains professional collegial relationships that encourage sharing, planning, and working together toward improved instructional skill and student success. The teacher participates in a culture of professional inquiry that supports and respects its members’ efforts to improve practice. The teachers contributes to school initiatives and projects outside of the classroom.

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4d Participating in Professional Community

Artifact: DEI Presentation Reflection

The teacher participates in ongoing learning by taking courses, reading professional literature, and staying aware of current best practices. The teacher is receptive to feedback from colleagues. The teacher participates in professional organizations to improve professional practice.

More Artifact Ideas

4e Growing and Developing Professionally

Artifact: Professional Development Session Proposal

The teacher acts with integrity and honesty at all times and puts students first in all considerations. The teacher supports their students’ best interests. The teacher solves problems with individual students’ needs in mind. The teacher adheres to the school's policies, procedures, and the 5-way test.

More Artifact Ideas

4f Showing Professionalism

4e : Growing and Developing Professionally-Peer Observation Reflections-Written Summaries or Reactions to Professional readings-Supervising Student Teachers-National Board Certification-Evidence of presenting in professional conferences-Completing required yearly trainings-Self-evaluations and reflections on teaching -Developing/following norms at a meeting-Participation in extra courses outside of school hours

4d: Participating in Professional Community-Peer observations-Extra-curricular activities such as student clubs, filed trips, marketing events-Memebrship and attendance in professional committees -Reccomendations for honors award recognition-Evidence of professional memberships or associations-Presenting Professional Development to Staff-Evidence of Summer Curriculum Writing-Mentoring/sharing knowledge and resources-Sharing materials from workshops or conferences-Participation in PLC -Enrollment in graduate program-Collaboration with colleges/businesses-Participation in book study groups

  • Offer Bookings link for Zoom calls and phone calls
  • Follow the Homeroom contact requirements
  • Communicate with ST and CT about your course(s)
  • Attend field trips and events
  • Log communications in edio and Tab Hub
  • Send chats and webmails
  • Respond to communications within 24 business hours
  • Distinguished level critical attributes:
    • Students regularly develop materials to inform their families about your course or homeroom
    • Students understand their individual learning progress and share with their learning coach and caretaker(s)
    • Students contribute to the regular and ongoing projects to engage families in the learning process
    • Teacher communications are highly sensitive to families' cultural norms

4c Communicating with FamiliesArtifact Ideas

  • Peer observations - Your PLC is a great way to gain peer observations
  • Self-assessments - Rewatch a lesson and self-reflect
  • UDL checklists for self-assessment
  • Distinguished level critical attributes:
    • Thoughtful and specific indicators of effectiveness in your assessment of a lesson
    • Suggestions for improvement that draw on an extensive repertoire

4a Engaging in Reflective PracticesArtifact Ideas

4f: Showing Professionalism-PLC data collection documents-Meeting notes and agendas-Evidence of collaborative co-planning-Feedback from supervisor-Evidence of co-curricular collaboration or planning-Communication with Community (newsletters, blog, website, etc.)-Volunteer and supervise in school-related activites

  • Criterion-referenced checklists
  • Pacing Guides used to create variants
  • Student self-assessments
  • Tab Hub
  • Edio logs with contact attempts and successes
  • Missing assignment communications
  • Chats about student successes
  • Magic Attendance Sheet
  • Distinguished Level Critical Attributes:
    • Efficient and effective record-keeping
    • Students are given access to information about missing (and completed) assignments
    • Efficient and effective process for recording student attainment of learning goals
    • Logging non-instructional information in efficient and effective ways

4b Maintaining Accurate RecordsArtifact Ideas