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The Romans ruled more than 2 million square miles of land during the Empire!

The Romans ruled as an Empire for more than 700 years!

The French Gate was the name for the Roman fort in Doncaster!

The Romans did not invade every country they battled with, like Scotland because of the cooler weather.

Julius Caesar was not an Emperor, he was the last leader of the Republic.

Augustus was the first Emperor of Rome.

Historians believe that the Roman Empire ended in AD476.

Who were the Romans?

Hundreds of years ago, the Romans came from Rome which is in modern day Italy. During this time, the Romans made lots of changes for many countries after they brought different materials and inventions over. At the time, the Romans tried to rule as many countries around the world as they could while their power grew. Rome was a small city and then Roman power started to grow while they expanded around Europe, Northern Africa and parts of Asia, like Syria. Over time, the Romans were known as the Roman Empire. In 753BC, the Romans were ruled by kings and were then led in a republic from 509BC to 27BC. This changed to an Empire because the Romans wanted to rule more countries across the world. While at the height of their power, the Romans created strong leaders such as Julius Caesar and Emperor Hadrian who ruled the Empire at its strongest from 117AD to 138AD. Furthermore, the Romans were inspired by the Greeks and their views on life so they developed this further such as the Roman Gods.

How are the Romans remembered?

After years of studying, the Romans are best remembered for being violent, powerful and mighty. Since studying, we know that the Romans gave us more than just death. Throughout history, the Romans invented many different things like concrete, roads and coins because this would help other places grow. We also know that the Romans gave us languages, designed underfloor heating and built roads as well. From 27BC to 476AD, the Romans wanted to expand their territory and build an Empire. The Romans failed twice with invading Britain but finally succeeded in AD43 with Emperor Claudius. Britain was invaded because the Romans were seeking natural resources, such as precious metals, slaves and farmland. Britain had lots of materials including iron, lead, copper, silver and gold that the Romans needed to support their growing empire and army.