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Programme Selectors Pressing this repeatedly will toggle through all programmes P01-17, which will output from Channel B

Programme Selectors, press this one till you get around to the PC 1, 2, or 3 PC = Programme Customisation The PXX (where X= a number) are preset - programmes. P01-P14 are TENs and P14-17 are NMS.

Channel A side

Channel B side

Set Button - hold down for 3 secs to Customise the programme.

Use this " - " button to toggle through the sections

Use the " + " and " - " buttons on this side to change the value of the selections.

To change the parameters, use the PRG 1 button to tggle round to one of the PC1, PC2 or PC3 slections.Remove the battery cover and press Set for 5 secs. The time will start flashing. Press the "-" button on left side to work your way through the settings. Make sure NMS is selected, if you are setting up for STIM.