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Effetiveness of Peer Tutoring among Middle School Students in Fayetteville

By: Zoe Roberts


Results and Discussion




Background Information


  • The education of our youth is a very important topic. Many different types of tutoring have been shown to be effective when it comes to helping students learn to read. A lot of reserach has been done on peer tutoring and the benefital effects it has on increasing students reading comprehension. Reading of course is a very necesssary and benefital skill that all people should have to be able to operate in our society. Reading comprehension is defined as the ability to be able to read text. process it and understand what it means (Zimmerman, 2023).
  • Previous research has shown that both the tutor and the tutee benefit from peer tutoring (Thuston, 2021).
  • Peer tutoring has shown to help students even with learning disabilities inprove their academic achievements (Alegre, 2021).




  • Studnets will be rewarded for participating in the study by recieveing candy at the end of each session. Also, at the end of the whole study they will be rewarded with a pizza party.
  • The students who do not want to participate in the study will be excluded. This will not effect them during the school day because the study will be going on outside of school hours.
  • 60 6th grade students(ages 11-12) will participate in this study
  • These students will attend McNair Middle School in Fayetteville, AR
  • The group of students is a mix of males and females. They are of all races and cultures. They all are in 6th grade however and have the same Language Arts teacher. One class that is taught in the moring will be the control group and the experimental group will be the second class
  • All students will have consent forms sent home for their gaurdians to sign and also for the students to sign and agree to the experiment.


  • After reading, students will discuss what they read about with peers
  • They then will all recieve a piece of candy and praise from the supervised adult
  • This will go on once a week on Wednesdays for two months.
  • The sessions are one hour long
  • The supervisers are there to make sure the kids are being on task and reading.
  • On the 8th session, every students involved in study took theGates- MacGinite Reading Test to be used as Post test
  • After 8 sessions of reading for 1 hour every week on Wednesday, they will recieve a pizza party on the 9th session
  • Students and parents will sign consent form agreeing for child to participate in the experiment
  • Students will stay for 1 hour after school to work on reading comprehension skills once a week
  • The very first session, they will take a Gates- MacGinite Reading Test to be used as their pre test score
  • Students will then be in the experimental group or control group
  • The control group will individually read for 60 minutes in a seperate room under supervision of adult
  • The experimental group will be divided into pair making 15 groups of 2. One student will read aloud for 30 minutes and then they will switch
  • Students will be placed in groups based on what language arts class they are in. If they are in the morning class, they wil be in the control group.
  • If they are in the later class in the afternoon, they will be in the experimental group.


  • 60 Gates- MacGinite Reading Tests used as Pre tests
  • 60 Gates- MacGinite Reading Tests used as Post tests
  • Location of McNair Middle School
  • pencils
  • Adults to watch and manage students
  • 60 copies of the book Holes for each student to read
    • This is an appropriate 6th grade reading level book


Independent variabe: Whether the student recieve peer tutoring or not Dependent variable: The measurment of the increase or decrease on the Gates- MacGinite Reading Test. This test shows reading comphension level.


I am predicting that the students who are recieving peer tutoring(experimental group) will have a bigger increase from their pretest to post test scores than the studnets in the control group completing individual reading.


Results and Discussion


.The type of experiment that was done was a pre post test experimental designStudents who recieved peer tutoring ( M=x, SD=x) scores increased significantly more, t(x)=x, p=x, compared to students who did not recieve peer tutoring (M=x, SD=x). The effect size, estimated with Cohen's d, was x.

Analytic Plan

  • The experiment was sucessful and the hypothesis predicted lined up with the results
  • Students who participated in peer reading had higher increased scores than students who only were indivicually reading
  • Past research has shown that peer tutoring is very helpful when it comes to improving reading comprehension
  • Limintations
    • Some kids were not able to be there every single week and would miss an hour of reading.
    • Also, some kids would forget their book and have to wait for parents to bring it. Cut off reading time.
    • Some kids read fater than others so some finished the book before 6 sessions
    • Very small study and more experiments with larger groups need to be done to see if results are accurate


The results are similar to past research experiments done on peer tutoring. Research completed from the article, "Assessing the Differential Effects of Peer Tutoring for Tutors and Tutees" showed the results that peer tutoring, in the form of paired reading, was very much so beneficial to all students involved. In this experiment, the students who had peer tutoring had a higher increase in thir test scores compared to those who did not recieve peer tutoring.To continue this research and see if these results are accurate, I would get a larger sample group so the numbers could be more reliable. I would also perform this test on many different age groups and see if the same results happen. I think it would also be benefital to perform this experiment in many differnt schools and not only McNair. I also believe that the experiment should go on all though out the year and many different reading comprehension tests should be taken to see if their is constant increase in scores.




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