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Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an evacuation/one the fire alarm is activated you must head to the closest fire exitThe fire exits are situated:

  • East WC corridor
  • West WC corridor
  • North Exit (behind the post area)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
All fire exits are labelled and visible Please ensure that:
  • Move swiftly but do not run
  • You do not panic
  • You do not use the lift
  • You do not stop to grab your belongings
  • You do not carry food or drink
  • You must not wait for colleagues
  • You must not stop for anything
  • Leave as soon as possible

Escape routes

The escape routes from the floors are indicated by the red arrows below: Please Note: Refuge Points (equipped with an emergency communication system) are provided in the Fire Escape stairwells and the atrium staircase is not to be used during evacuations. Make your way to the assembly point found on Hunt close and remain there until instructed that it is safe to return to the building.

Fire alarms

Every Tuesday at 10am we have our fire alarms tested. Please do not be alarmed. However if you hear the alarm at any other time - please follow the evacuation procedure and exit the building.​