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Annually, 51,540 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer. An estimated 10,030 people die from the disease. Oral cancer is more common after 35, and the average age at diagnosis is 65 years. It is two times more common in men than in women. Lip cancer has the most favorable prognosis of any of the oral tumors because of the visibility of lip lesions, which leads to earlier diagnosis. It has been reported that the estimated number of new cases of lip and oral cavity cancers worldwide was 354,864 in 2018. (Harding et al., 2020)Notably, the prevalence of oral cancer is high in Asia compared with other countries. In South Asia (i.e., Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh), the estimated number of new lip and oral cavity cancer cases was 159,750 in 2018, according to The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Significantly, the number of young oral cancer patients (< 45 years old) has been increasing worldwide. ‌(Shigeishi, 2023).In contrast, the estimated oral cavity and pharynx cancer incidence was 16,100 in men and 7,100 in women in 2022 in Japan.Oral cancer has been increasing in both men and women in Japan, as well as in young individuals. ‌(Shigeishi, 2023).