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What's next after GCSE Spanish?

Why A level?


'“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”'

- Nelson Mandela


How can A Level Spanish strengthen my application to enter Russell Group Universities?

Academic Rigor and Versatility

Russell Group universities value A-level subjects that demonstrate academic rigor and versatility. Spanish at A level showcases not only linguistic proficiency but also cultural understanding, critical thinking, and analytical skills, all highly regarded qualities by these institutions.

Research Opportunities

Russell Group universities emphasize research-intensive learning environments. Proficiency in Spanish can open doors to research opportunities within their language departments or in interdisciplinary studies involving Spanish-speaking regions, providing a competitive edge in securing research positions.

Global Perspective and Cultural Competence

In an increasingly interconnected world, Russell Group universities seek candidates with a global perspective and cultural competence. A-level Spanish demonstrates a commitment to understanding diverse cultures and societies, a quality highly valued for their international outlook.

Enhanced Career Prospects:

Graduates from Russell Group universities are often sought after by top employers. A level Spanish showcases language proficiency and intercultural skills, making graduates more appealing in global job markets, particularly in sectors like international business, diplomacy, translation, and NGOs operating in Spanish-speaking regions.


Being diverse

Abanico de oportunidades

Opportunities unlocked with Spanish

Global Opportunities

The second most spoken language globally.

Cultural Enrichment

Higher Education and Career Prospects

"To infinity and beyond!" - Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

Enhanced Cognitive Skills

Becoming a proficient individual


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Manchester Metropolitan University

Where to go?

What to do?

University of Nottingham - Faculty of Science (Bioscience)

Living abroad

Imperial College

What is there for me?

University of Exeter

Combined Honours Studies

University of Southampton



A level Spanish


Aspects of Hispanic-speaking society: current trends


Artistic culture in the Hispanic world


Multiculturalism in Hispanic society


Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world


Cine y Literatura


Intercambio y Experiencia Laboral




La igualdad de los sexos

  • La influencia de Internet
  • Los móviles inteligentes en nuestra sociedad
  • Las redes sociales: beneficios y peligros

El Ciberespacio

Aspects of Hispanic-speaking society: current trends

Los valores tradicionales y modernos


  • Sitios históricos y civilizaciones prehistóricas
  • Arte y arquitectura
  • El patrimonio musical y su diversidad

El patrimonio cultural

Artistic culture in the hispanic world

  • Tradiciones y costumbres
  • La gastronomía
  • Las lenguas
  • Modelos
  • Estrellas de televisión y cine
  • Cantantes y músicos

La identidad regional en España

La influencia de los ídolos


+ info

Multiculturalism in Hispanic society

  • La inmigración
  • El racismo
  • La convivencia


Los movimientos populares

  • La efectividad de las manifestaciones y las huelgas
  • El poder de los sindicatos
  • Ejemplos de protestas sociales

Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world

Jóvenes de hoy, ciudadanos del mañana

  • Los jóvenes y su actitud hacia la política: activismo o apatía
  • El paro entre los jóvenes
  • Su sociedad ideal

Monarquías y dictaduras

  • La dictadura de Franco
  • La evolución de la monarquía en España
  • Disctadores latinoamericano


Cine y Literatura

Cine - Ocho apellidos vascos

Literatura - Las bicicletas son para el verano


Intercambio y Experiencia Laboral Colegio CEDES Albacete

This is not a compulsory element of the course, however we recommend that students participate. This exchange brings a completely new opportunity to the students and the experience will benefit the communication skills enormously. Reading School has linked with Colegio CEDES in Albacete, Spain bringing a wider opportunity. A placement is organised in a Spanish local primary school for A Level students. The exchange will provide a privileged insight into a school life and the Spanish way of life in general. Students will stay with families and will be exposed to Spanish culture and use their Spanish skills to communicate. At the end of the placement Students will receive a certificate for their work, being able to add to their UCAS personal statement.



+ info


  1. Topic Selection
  2. Proposal Development
  3. Research and Data Collection
  4. Analysis and Writing
  5. Presentation and Evaluation


Anuario IC 2023 - El español en el mundo de hoy


Zarantonia Sheikh. Studied at Austral University, Argentina and University of Alicante, Spain

“A personal benefit that I have gained from this is getting out of my comfort zone and making an effort to speak to new people. This has not only improved my Spanish speaking skills which was one of my main aims, but it has also improved my communicational skills in general which I believe will help me when finding a future job.”

Cultural Exchange and Tourism

Why Spanish?

In essence, Spanish proficiency for English speakers opens pathways to enhanced communication, collaboration, business opportunities, and cultural understanding, all of which can significantly impact medicine, technology, science, and the economy of Britain in an increasingly interconnected world.





Spanish-speaking countries are increasingly becoming tech hubs. Learning Spanish opens doors to collaboration, business opportunities, and technological advancements in countries like Spain, where tech startups and innovations are thriving. This can broaden access to tech talent, partnerships, and markets for British tech companies.


Manchester Metropolitan University offers a unique Spanish exchange program that stands out for its immersive experience. Partnering with various universities across Spain, including Universidad de Alcalá and Universidad de Salamanca, this program provides students with the opportunity to delve into the vibrant Spanish culture while enhancing language skills. What's distinctive is the program's focus on interdisciplinary learning, allowing participants not only to master Spanish but also to explore diverse academic disciplines, from arts and humanities to business and sciences, fostering a holistic and enriching educational experience within the dynamic setting of Spain.

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Manchester Metropolitan University

Suggestions to study

  • Deforestation in the Amazon - what is its impact in the area and the wider world?
  • How the 9th to 15th century moor occupation of the peninsula influenced Spanish arts
  • The fight for independence in Catalunya
  • El Chapo, savior or sinner?
  • Who benefited more from the Spanish occupation of the Philippines, the Spanish or the Philippines?
  • Pablo Escobar, a modern robin hood or a criminal?
  • The dark side of Zara
  • Franco's influence in sports.
  • The Romans influence in Spain was greater than that of the Moors
  • Was ETA's violence useful to achieve its goals?
  • Maduro's government is not doing enough to help solve the crisis in Venezuela
  • The causes of the Spanish Inquisition
  • The influence of tourism on post-dictatorship Spain’s economy.
  • Bullfighting and its impact on the Spanish economy
  • Causes and consequences of the Cuban revolution
  • The influence of football across the Hispanic world
  • How influential was the Movida Madrileña in Spanish pop culture?

In scientific research, collaboration across borders is vital. Spanish is spoken in countries conducting significant scientific research. Understanding Spanish can foster collaborations, exchange of scientific knowledge, and participation in international scientific conferences, thus enhancing Britain's scientific influence and partnerships.


University of Bath

University of York

University of Manchester

Birmingham City University

University of Leeds

University of Sheffield

University of Chichester

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Spanish is widely spoken in many countries, including those with emerging medical industries. For British healthcare professionals, knowing Spanish can facilitate interactions with Spanish-speaking patients or collaboration with medical experts in Spanish-speaking regions. It can enhance medical research partnerships and enable access to diverse medical knowledge and practices.

Combined Honours Students (including FCH)

Modules taught in Spanish and/or in English !
  • Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy (Computer/Data Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Ecology and Conservation, Engineering, Geography, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Exeter Business School)
  • Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (Public Health and Sport Sciences)
  • Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences ( Archaeology and History, Classics, Ancient History, Religion and Theology, Communications, Drama and Film, Languages, Culture and Visual Studies, Liberal Arts, Law School, Social and Political Sciences, Philosophy and Anthropology)

University-wide programmes for ALL academic disciplines - Mexico - Tec de Monterrey Business - Spain – Universidad de Zaragoza | University of the Balearic Islands (Catalan Region) | Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Catalan Region) Winchester School of Art - Fashion and Textile Design > Spain – Bau Escola Superior de Disseny (Barcelona) - Graphic Arts > Spain - Elisava Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Catalan Region) Fine Art - Spain – Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Chemistry - Spain – Universidad de Oviedo Archaeology - Spain – Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Catalan Region) English - Spain – Universidad de Barcelona (Catalan Region) Modern Languages - Colombia – Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellin | Universidad de los Andes - Mexico – Universidad del Caribe | Universidad de Colima | Autonomous University of the State of Mexico - Spain – Universidad de Alcala | University of Alicante | Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) | Universitat Jaume 1 de Castellon | Universidad de Granada | Universidad Complutense Madrid | Universidad de Malaga | Universidad de Oviedo | Universidad de Santiago de Compostela | Universidad de Zaragoza Music - Spain – Universidad Complutense Madrid Ocean and Earth Science - Spain – University of Las Palmas (marine biology, oceanography) Economics - Spain – Universidad Autonoma Barcelona | University of Balearic Islands Psychology - Spain – Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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Spain and Latin American countries constitute substantial markets with growing economies. Spanish proficiency allows British businesses to access these markets, negotiate deals, and understand consumer behavior more effectively. Moreover, in a post-Brexit era, diversifying trade partnerships and markets becomes crucial, and Spanish proficiency can be a strategic advantage.


Spain is a popular destination for British tourists, and Spanish fluency enriches travel experiences and fosters cultural understanding. Additionally, Latin America's diverse cultures attract tourists globally, and Spanish proficiency can facilitate tourism-related businesses and cultural exchanges.

Cultural Exchange and tourism

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