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Fahad Al-Abdulla

Enhaning self-Efficacy

SE is one's belief about themselves and their ability in completing a task or achieving a goal successfully.

What is Self-Efficacy

  • Mastery Experiences
  • Vicarious experience
  • Verbal persuasion

Bandura (1997) and colleagues have demonstrated that self-efficacy can be enhanced through mastery experiences, vicarious experience, verbal persuasion or changing perception of physiological and affective states.

How to inhance Self-Efficacy

People can be persuaded by arguments

can also be enhanced through observation of others

Verbal persuasion

vicarious experience

give people confidence that they can tackle new tasks

Mastery Experience

  • perception of physiological reactions
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Mood
  • Set new & achievable goals
  • Have a vision of the end goal
  • re-evaluate each obstacle along the way

Diminish SE

Enhance SE

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