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why friends are important?


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Take 2 minutes to think of words, feelings, or activities that you associate with friends.Go to the link and write your answers.

Has your relationship with your friend changed in the last few years?

Think about it while watching the video on the next page

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After you watched the video, was there anything that surprised you?Go to the Padlet and share your opinion!

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Your content is good, but it‘ll engage much more if it’s interactive. Capture your audience's attention with an interactive photo or illustration.

-> Go to SkELL-> Type highlighted words in the search box -> Can you spot other uses of the words?

Go to PADLET and write three collocations for each word. Can you think of any example sentences?

1. Teenage friends can seem attached at the hip.2. (...) this ability hinges on the careful coordination of various brain regions (...)3. Its activation makes hanging out with others enjoyable and motivates you to spend more time with them.

write a post on your socal media account about: How your friendships have shaped your personality and perspective on life?

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