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Task 3 - Digital and interactive materials in language learning

Jennifer Isabel Ayala EspitiaIván Eduardo Gutierrez LandinoFabián Ramirez CalderónDayanna Milleth Rivero JaimesCarlos Alberto Rojas GaravitoGroup: 518016_35

Digital and interactive materials in language learning

In this presentation, we will observe the different workshops carried out by each member of the group. The main point of each workshop is to propose activities to develop skills such as listening, writing, reading, and speaking, skills in the teaching-learning of a foreign language.


Jennifer Isabel Ayala Espitia


Literature is one of the Fine Arts and one of the oldest forms of artistic expression, characterized, according to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, by “verbal expression.” That is to say, it achieves its aesthetic purposes through the word, both oral and mostly written.In this workshop, activities are carried out about literature, types of literature and the impact that literature has on our lives. In addition, activities are carried out to develop listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

The use of technological tools plays an important role in the training and “learning and teaching” processes in the acquisition of a second language. Therefore, the topic “food and cooking” is an excuse to strengthen the skills of “Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading, and Grammar”, therefore, strengthening these skills is not an easy task for the teacher. Therefore, a digital workshop with the tool known as “Nearpod” where you will find various creative, didactic and pedagogical activities online where the student can acquire vocabulary and basic knowledge of the English language and also on the applied topic.

Iván Eduardo Gutierrez Landino


Food and cooking

Get ready for an adventure into the future; With this workshop, you will learn about the simple future tense and new vocabulary related to the space and the future, with a futuristic travel theme. You will learn with grammar activities, texts about future travel, videos, role play, and more.

The future of travel



This digital workshop offers a variety of interactive activities that arouse the interest of students. Some of the activities include questionnaires, creation of Synopsis where students will have the opportunity to summarize and express their interpretations about specific films, in turn, encourage written expression, also, discussions will be created through Nearpod, where they can share opinions and discuss some movies.It should be noted that these interactive activities encourage active participation and retention of information in a way that goes beyond simple memorization. Likewise, the use of Nearpod allows access to content from anywhere, providing flexibility to students to Learn at your own pace. Furthermore, students will improve their digital skills by interacting with various features of Nearpod, preparing them for the constantly evolving technological environment.


WORKSHOP Code ry38s



War in Ukraine

Wars in the world have caused a lot of death and sadness, humanity has been in conflict since ancient times, today we have a conflict that saddens human beings every day. Currently, the world is experiencing war in Ukraine, a senseless war, where the most affected are the innocent and the people who fight every day to defend the interests of others. For this reason, an educational workshop is developed where the simple present and the simple past of the verb to be are introduced with the most noble professions that fight these wars.


Online workshops table

In this table you will find each of the links to the workshops carried out by the students of group 35.

How can technology be used to support materials development?

Technology can play a crucial role in supporting the development of materials in language teaching. This is why it can be supported in the following way. Creating interactive exercises and activities using authoring tools such as Articulate and Adobe. Likewise, using platforms such as Google Forms, to create questionnaires and surveys for evaluation. Furthermore, using e-books and online articles for research and reference during materials development. Also, use tools like Audacity or iMovie to create audio and video content. Moodle, and Canvas, are tools that allow you to organize, distribute, and manage learning materials efficiently. By using and integrating these tools, materials developers can create more dynamic, interactive, and adaptable resources that meet the diverse needs of students.

What difficulties did you have during the process of designing the interactive online workshops

During the creation of the activity, at first, it was difficult for us to correctly use each element that the application provides, however, with some videos everything was clearer. Something we didn't know how to do was add an image to each presentation and change what appeared in it before presenting the questions. In addition, we reflect that when an interactive activity is created, we as teachers must take into account the student population, the learning styles, the needs of the students, and why this activity is being developed, since many times the students do not make sense of the tasks that the teacher guides and the classes become boring due to the type of methodology applied.