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Click the icons to learn more about Marina, California.

'What's the Plan?' Podcast

Listen to a local podcast

LISTEN: What's the Plan podcast

A weekly show "with the government and business leaders of Monterey County, CA. The show highlights the constant struggle to balance growth, industry and livability issues. Additionally, we cover events, entreprenuers, history and all of the things that make Monterey County Great!"

A Google Doc which provides information on Marina's demographics, culture, politics, history, economy, and more.

Marina Overview

READ: Marina Overview

The city of Marina regularly updates their city calendar with community events and city council meetings.

City of Marina events

READ: City of Marina calendar

This Google Slide presentation compiles the information from the Google Doc overview into a combat visual format.

Marina Overview

READ: Marina Overview, Google Slides

Click on the link below to see a live cam of the Marina State Beach shoreline.

Marina Live Cam

WATCH: Marina Live Cam

Local Organizations

READ: Marina community organizations

Peruse a list of local organizatons in Marina, including a description, contact information, and primary audience.