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Learning Theories

SocialculturalConnectivismAdult Learning Theory

Sociocultural theory

Is a theory in which the outside influence or culture that helps the learner to develop mentally. According to the article sociocultural theory focuses on chidlren'scognitive development and specially emphasizes the integration of social, cultural, and biological elements. (Rahmatirad, 2020).

Adult learning theory is when adults become more indepedent. There are eight prinpcles for adult learning theory.


Connectivism Theory is a theory that connects the theories of cognition and knowledge with technology. Children are learning how to navigate techonology so this is where connectivism begins. According to the article, connectivism describes how learning transpires in the digital age as a network forming process. (Strong, 2009)

Learning occurs when children are completing research using some sort of technology. Learning occurs when groups of people or children are working together.

Types of Learning

Lev vygotsky

He is the creator of sociocultural theory. He said that outside influence such as parents, educators, peers, etc., help the learner to develop well. As the article states, children are immersed in a social environment where it represents them with all social, cultural, and interpersonal experience. (Daneshfar, 2018)

Types of Learning

Major Characteristics of Sociocultural theory

The major characteristics are the following: children play to learn, another major characteristic is being able to speak well is an essential part of this theory, and learning happens within the zone of proximity. If children can't speak well in their own language, this will affect their education. It would be considered a delay in speech and perhaps in motor skills.

How Learning Occurs

The types of learning that occur during this theory are the socializing, neural, conceptual, and external. The theorists who discovered this was Stephen Downes. As the article states the thesis that knowledge is distributed across a network of connections and therefore that learning consist of the ability to construct and traverse those networks. (Duke, 2013)

Adult Learning Theory

How Learning Occurs

Learning occurs differently in this theory. Adults learn in different ways just like children do. The difference is that adults become more independent as they learn

The types of learning with adult learning are different. There are 6 principles for adult learning. Adult learning is also called Andradogy.

Major Characteristics

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