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Name:Casey Presley

Age: 27

Customer number: 45

Looking for: Male

Job: CEO of her own company


  • Gym
  • Dog lover

Casey Presley

  • Shopping
  • Family time
  • Traveling

By:Lydia García and Sofía Coca

Casey Presley

physical appearance


Audios by:Sofía Coca



What is she looking for

Casey Presley

Audios by:Lydia García

Makes her laugh

Taller and blonde

Shares interests with

Dog lover

Hazel eyes

Green eyes

Conventionally attractive

Curly Brunette hair

1'65/1'70 meters tall

Social at work, shy out if it

Bossy and impatient

Independent, intelligent and hard working

Loving girl with a quick temper

Emotional, jelaous and loyal

Good sense of humor

Gym rat

Family time

Dog lover


Loves to travel

Small town girl, big city woman

Teenage entrepeaneur

Never been in love