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House taken over


"A ghost is trapped in this house, doomed to wander through it until he recovers all his memories.To help him find them, you must first pass all the tests and get the missingitems in your inventory.Explore the house and try not to get trapped yourself too..."


Explore the house


It's closed...

It's too dark...

Open inventory...

Which of the following words best describes the mood, or overall feeling, established in “House Taken Over”?





At the beginning of “House Taken Over,” how do the narrator and his sister Irene spend most of their days?

Visiting Friends




In “House Taken Over,” what do the narrator and his sister do when the back section of the house is taken over?

They sell the house and move away.


They open the gate and clear out the other rooms.

They move into the other part of the house.

In “House Taken Over,” which of the following details most clearly suggest that the narrator and his sister are nervous and afraid?

They occupy themselves by cleaning.

They intentionally stop thinking.

They prefer to spend time in their rooms.


It's not correct...

Find the key to continue

Continue exploring the house


It's too dark...

Inventario abierto...

If a room can be accurately described as spacious, which of the following must be true?

People must feel hot in the room.

The room must be beautiful.


Many people must be able to fit in the room.

The room must be filled with light.


If the person were speaking calmly to a friend.

If the person were wearing a scarf over their mouth.

If the person were making an announcement over a loudspeaker.

If the person were singing in a concert.

In which of the following circumstances would a person’s voice most likely be muffled?


a daily newspaper

a popular blog

a familiar magazine

a rare book

Which of the following things would most likely be described as obscure?


They have enough money to live comfortably.

They have few possessions.

They take in boarders to earn extra money.

They rely on friends to support them.

What can you infer about the brother and sister’s economic status in “House Taken Over”?


matter-of-fact even when describing mysterious events

humorous even when describing sad events

tense even when describing ordinary events

sentimental even when describing meaningless events

What is the narrative tone of “House Taken Over” that contributes most clearly to the magical realism of the story?

Which excerpt from the story best supports the answer to Question #5?

I hurled myself against the door before it was too late and shut it, leaned on it with the weight of my body; luckily, the key was on our side; moreover, I ran the great bolt into place, just to be safe.

Irene turned down two suitors for no particular reason, and María Esther went and died on me before we could manage to get engaged.


The first few days were painful, since we’d both left so many things in the part that had been taken over. My collection of French literature, for example, was still in the library.

Whenever Irene talked in her sleep, I woke up immediately and stayed awake. I never could get used to this voice from a statue or a parrot, a voice that came out of the dreams, not from a throat.

You found asecret message


Remember these notes and play them on the piano in the correct order



...Keep playing



...One more



Try again...

You found a new item for your inventory



Continue exploring the house

Inventario abierto...

Use the magnifying glass to find the code and then insert it into the typewriter.


Someone is there!

Read the following excerpt from “House Taken Over.” I went down to the kitchen, heated the kettle, and when I got back with the tray of mate, I told Irene: “I had to shut the door to the passage. They’ve taken over the back part.” After reading this excerpt how would you describe the narrator’s reaction after the back section of the house is taken over?


He is noticeably angry.

He is surprisingly calm.

He is confused by the strange events.

Read the following quotation from near the end of “House Taken Over.” We had what we had on. I remembered fifteen thousand pesos in the wardrobe in my bedroom. Too late now. What does this detail suggest about the force or creature that has invaded the house of the narrator and his sister?


It is terrifying enough to make them forget valued possessions.

It is powerful, so they distract its attention by leaving items behind.

It is interested only in people who are rich or greedy.

What happens in “House Taken Over” that demonstrates most clearly that it is a story of magical realism?

The lives of the characters are predictable and drawn in such detail that readers vividly recognize the everyday world.

The routine, ordinary lives of the characters contrast with the unreal and frightening takeover of the house.

The failure of the characters to respond realistically to events in their house by resisting the intruders invokes suspicion and distrust.


A briefcase appeared...


You've recovered all the ghost's memories! Now he can finally rest and you can escape from the house!

You will lose all the progress so far...

Sure you wantto go out?











Oh, no. Fallaste...