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Lets see my wishlist for christmas!!

Merry Christmas!


~~~> Converse~~~> Bootcut Jeans~~~> Puffer Coat Or Vest~~~>Slippers~~~> Nike White Socks-~~> Long live Cowgirls pullover~~~> Yeda Clothing

Note: Not all arrows will have a link. If they don't you have to look for them


~~~> Hydrating Lip Glow Oil~~~> Colorpops blush~~~> Blush stick~~~>Clean Cleansing~~~> Hero serum stick-~~> SOL DE JANEIRO perfume

Note: Some of these are a little pricey.Only get the ones you think i would like most


~~~> Tumbler Glass Water Bottle~~~> Talking Point: family~~~> Ferrero Rocher Chocolatepossibly more to me coming

Note: For the Tumbler Glass, color either Amber leperd or Midnight Gren

  • Most of these things are things i want
  • DEFINATLY do not get all of these
  • These are to help You not me

Tips & Notes

Have a Merry Christmas!!