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Work together with your team to create a slide deck for ANOTHER team to present. You have 30 minutes to create a slide deck!Your team must include the following on your 10 slides:

  • The title of the presentation
    • It is up to your team whether or not the rest of the slides follow the theme/title!
  • Images, pictures, and/or GIFs
  • Information, quotes, or statistics
  • Everything that is put on your slides must be school appropriate!


After completing your slides, you will randomly be assigned another team's slides that you will present in front of the class. Your goal as a team should be to present 3 to 5 minutes!You will be "scored" on presentation skills such as:

  • Eye contact
  • Hand gestures/body language
  • Vocal variety
  • Tone
  • Interaction with the slides

What's the Point?

The objective of this assignment is to have fun, to once again have you work with your peers in an effort to build collaboration, and of course, help you to practice your presentation skills!

Have fun!

Refer to the presentation rubric on the NEXT slide!

Work on your presentation DISCREETLY - keep it a surprise!

Your slides can be as random as you'd like; the less words the better!


Keep it school appropriate: if you have to ask me about it, it probably isn't.


  1. Build your slides with your team members.
  2. Submit your PowerPoint Karaoke Slides to Canvas!
  3. Present another teams' presentations to the class.
  4. Look over the feedback on your rubric and reflect on presentation skills!