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Did you know shopping carts are used to encourage you to buy more stuff? Often this is because you are not limited by space and can buy your wants as well as your needs.

Let's head into the grocery store.

Let's buy some snacks. Try to identify the many tricks grocery stores and companies use to get you to buy more that we didn't talk about. Click on the interactives to discover items and maybe a few tricks!

Here's some chips, only $3.68 for 8 oz! It's also from your favorite brand! ($0.46/oz)

Hey, why is the unit price so small? Some states don't have regulations on how a price tag is displayed so some grocery stores have really small unit price text or none at all making it harder to find the best deal!

Here's some more chips, only $3.68 for 7.75 oz! It's also from your favorite brand! ($0.475/oz)

Are you tired from looking at all these chips? Head back out!

Wait a minute! Both types of chips were from your favorite brand and the same price, yet one was slightly smaller! This is another trick corporations use; they slowly decrease the size of a product but keep the same price. This is known as shrinkflation and is used to avoid increasing prices to anger consumers, but still save costs for increased revenue.