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Genre Theory ofHorror

What is the genre theory of horror?

They are designed to frighten, shock and disgust while evoking our worst hidden fears, ironically captivating and entertaining us at the same time. Horror films are centred around the dark side of life, the forbidden and strange, unexplainable events.

The technical conventions

  • Canted angles to create confusion and disorientation.
  • Long tracking shots to create tension.
  • POV shots to show what the protagonist or antagonist sees.
  • Depth of filed to focus to focus o protagonist, blurring the background and making the audience panic when there is movement they cannot see clearly.
  • Extreme close ups of protagonist's face to show their fear.
  • Quiet scenes with sudden sounds to create tension; for example rustling of trees, loud bangs, non diegetic heartbeat.
  • Slow editing can create suspense and an unsettling feeling; the audience senses because nothing has been a fast pace for a while then something bad is going to happen.

The Symbolicconventions

  • Colours such as black and red to connote death, evil, danger and blood.
  • Props such as weapons show there is violence, danger and characters will need to fight off evil.
  • Props such as a Bible, suggesting religious themes.

The poster for The Conjuring uses some of codes and conventions of horror to grab the audience’s attention. First, the title denotes paranormal tricks and demonic possession. The references to Saw and Insidious establishe the director’s genre credibility. Of course, the lonely farmhouse looks forsaken along the rough and misty trees. This isolation increases the sense of threat because its occupants will be helpless against the evil forces.



This link above show me all the deatails about what the codes and conventions of the horror genre are and goes int depth of each one.