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Prepositions in english

Prepositions of time, place, reason, movement, direction

1- Prepositions of time

2- Prepositions of place

3- Prepositions of direction

4- Prepositions of reason

before, after, at, by, in, on, during, from, for, since, until, within

above, in front of, outside, behind, below, between, under, by, at, in, on

into, through, to, up, down. along, across, around, out of, back to, towards

because of, thanks to, due to, from, for, of

types of prepositions

Where do we put prepositions?

1. Before noun or pronoun2. In the end of question3. In the end of complex sentence or passive construction

  • Where do you live in?
  • Give the book to Tom.
  • You know who he is worrying about.
  • Who are you waiting for?
  • Put the glass on the table

Fixed structures

I need this book __ next Monday.

I'm always __ your side.

She came __ the castle

I'm going __ the theatre.

I guessed __ his behaviour that he is military man.

I have made him a present __ his anniversary.

She was cooking dinner __ an hour.

We should wait __ the end of working time

I will reply __ 4 working days

When do you go __ the house?