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Countdown Calendar with Tech

























Click here for a preview of what's inside!

Countdown with Tech


1 - Text Animator

2 - Suzy SuperCenter

3 - Jamboard Out

7 - Image Editors

8 - Flip

9 - Classroomscreen

5 - Micro Lessons

13 - Timer in Docs

14 - Building Blocks in Docs

17 - Google Meet

18 - Uses of ChatGPT

19 - writing with Pixar

15 - Voting in Docs

20 - Christmas Activities

23 - WeVideo

22 - Google Forms

4 - magicschool.ai

6 - Gamification

16 - Speaker Notes

12 - Nearpod

10 - Scribe

11 - One Tab

21 - Canva

Thank you!

Are your students struggling with story telling?Why not start them with The Pixar Story Structure? below is a copy of a Google Slides Template for them to use to get started!Also remember - there is a voice to text option for our younger students to utilize!

Are you someone that apologizes for having so many tabs open when someone else is on your computer? Look into OneTab! It’s a new favorite tool for saving a whole slew of tabs that you need access to at a later time. With one click you can condense all open tabs into a single page and open them again when you’re ready to continue working. You can even generate a shareable link to your saved tabs. One Tab is a great solution for sharing resource links with students and colleagues.

WeVideo really is a STAR!!!!!

WeVideo is often forgotten in our list of EdTech Tools! Work with students to create fun commericals, tutorials or even GIFs to spice up a project or presentation!There are ton of free background, elements, titles and so much more available within WeVideo to create a high quality video!

It can be so difficult to handle everything on one Google Meet. But now you can add a co-presenter to help you manage guests in the meet and handle the host tools as well!

Have you ever wanted a document that had everything in one place? Timer, stopwatch and more? Now add Voting Clips to Google Docs!

With Text Chat Animator, you can create realistic fake text messages to use for so many things in your classroom! These can be saved as video clips of GIFs depending on the video size!

Find out More!

Here is a little gift from us to you! Click below for some fun and engaging lessons already created for you to use with your classes!

Nearpod really is a shining star in our district! With having Nearpod now for K-12 (and Math from K-5), the possibilities are endless! Using Nearpod with our STAR assessments is a game changer for your students who are both high and low academicly! It can provide the extra support to get our students up to grade level while also helping our students be pushed to even high limits!

Check out this awesome K-5 Nearpod Lesson!

With Classroomscreen ... You can add additional content that will excite your student’s brains: videos, images, links, interactivity ... Whatever you like! Did you know? Classroomscreen can also help keep your day organized and the students on track with a plethora of different features! This resource is great for all ages!



Pro Tip ... You can create custom backgrounds in canva - like done here!

From everyone in the PSD Technology Department, we hope everyone has a wonderful break. Enjoy the holidays with your families! Happy Holidays!

From, The Tech Department

Google Docs is stepping up its game!!!! You can now add a stopwatch and timer to any Google Doc. Type @timer or @stopwatch to start these!

Canva has so many fun and exciting elements that teachers can utilize from prepping to lessons! Check out the articles below to learn more!Schedule a meeting with one of your EdTechs to dive into Canva to create a fun and engaging lesson!

If you are someone that presents via Google Meet, you can now see all of your speaker notes from your Google Slide Presentations right into Google Meet! See the video below & check it out for yourself!

Ever have an image that you needed to alter in some way to work within your lesson presentation or worksheet? Problem is there are way too many websites to do just that. Now there is just one!

Let Google Forms work for you! Google Forms is so much more than a multiple choice quiz options! Make Google Forms work for you to track student data, parent contacts and so much more! Everything then is displayed nicely in a Google Sheet for easy sharing and analizing! Let us show you how! Reach out to Rob Miller or Kirsten Labriola to start creating Google Forms to collect data for you! Watch this short tutorial to learn some of the basics!

ChatGPT can help you both in the classroom and personally this season! From lesson plans to gift lists/idea, let AI do some of the thinking for you! Check out this awesome presentation by Alli McCrary on 20 Uses of ChatGPT For Teachers (with prompts!)

Let Chatgpt Help you this busy season!


Good Ole Flip

  • Better camera to mimic popular social media apps
  • Improved Accessibility features
  • Edit and delete capabilites
  • Moderation Features for student safety
  • New uses for PreK-8 Classrooms
  • New ways to use Flip in High School Classes
PRO TIP: Use Canva to create custom background videos for the students to use!

magicschool.ai is Really Some Magic!

AI is the new buzz word everywhere! But in education, it can be a dirty wordy!It doesn't have to be! Changing you mindset will allow you to see this AI as a teacher assistant! New features are being releases quickly and it can be so impactful to your time & planning! Click below to sign up and explore!

Do you give a lot of step-by-step directions to your students or colleagues? Of course you do! The Scribe Chrome extension can save you time and help you make beautiful step-by-step guides with just a few clicks. Start by adding the extension from the Google Chrome Store and hit record. As you click through your steps, Scribe captures screenshots and generates directions for your process. You can then edit and share to other via Google Classrom. The best part about Scribe is that any changes you make to the completed directions are updated in real time so anyone with the link will see the newest version. Check out Scribe for easy peasy directions!

A thing of the past is copying old Google Docs to reuse elements. Now you can create custom Building Blocks to use on all Docs on the go!

Another Docs Game Changer!

Jamboard is Out! So you need to check out Figma! Everything Jamboard to offer and more! Free for educators! Click the title below to view full screen!

We have incredible tech trainings coming up in the new year! Sign up to trainings your colleagues in Tech PLC will be giving to earn SuzyCoins to spend in the Suzy Supercenter! Check out the website below!

(To inlarge click the two arrow at the bottom right!)

Gamification can really completely change the atmosphere of any classroom! Check out a spelling lesson done with Kristie Lare's 4th Grade Special Education class at PES! The students loved it and excelled! Check out Genially or Gimki for all of your Gamification needs!

Have your students create Tik-Tok inspired mircolessons! Microlesson are short videos that are easily repeatable much like how Tik Tok videos work!The benefit of not having to absorb large amounts of information is that the brain is less likely to become overwhelmed. While traditional courses might have a presentation including a video, text, images, and animation, a microlesson will typically impart information through a short video or infographic. Have students take small portions of a lesson and teach those parts via video of 3 minutes max via WeVideo or Flip. Download those videos to a Genially or YouTube Channel for students to help review for an upcoming assessment.

Lesson Idea!