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Science-Fiction (Sci-Fi)

“May the Force be with you.” - Star Wars: A New Hope, 1977

In this clip you can clearly see what is being attemped was impossible in 1983 and still remains impossible today and because of this means CGI is used where neccasary like the Lightsabers and some backdrops. This is used to help bring that Sci-Fi idea alive and also it terms of story the whole trilogy had been building up to that moment so I think they understood that they had to deliver with it.

Codes and Conventions

With todays cinema Science-Fiction movies are no surprise and in fact are fairly common, with all these different takes on the genre you are going to start to see similarities and differences. One of the most important things that at the core is the aspect of the story containing things that are not currently possible within todays society. For example Lightsabers, Traveling between universes and just the whole idea of technology being a lot more advanced.

'It offers a way to explore social and political issues in a safe, imaginary setting.'

- Chris

Graph + text

Roughly 50% of the worlds population have been shown some form of a Star Wars movie whether it was main stream or not. This data is not 100% accurate but does give an idea of how popular it is.


of the worlds population have at least scene one movie, cartoon , show or books.

Sub Genres:

  • Space Opera
  • Horror Fiction
  • Cyberpunk
  • Dystopia
  • Space Western
  • Dark Fantasy

Genre Theory

Genre Theory revolves around the ideas surrounding how we define and distinguish genres, and how we categorise films into these certain genres based on usually conventional factors. Genres can be divided depending on a range of specific characteristics that are featured within the film. This can be things like camera shots, different techniques, if it is scary or not. All these things go into what genre the film can fit into.

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