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It may be hard to believe, but even in this part of WW1, some parts of the world were making industrial and economic growths, but that was only for a handful of countries, other countries were, not so great to make it simple.

World map of ww1

Question Time

The first tanks were released in late ww1, these tanks were called to the western front only months after the prototype, this caused them to have severe fails, fatally injuring soldiers.

Mostly European countries had been severely abused by the war, but on the winter of 1916, this had changed on one Christmas day, when no guns had fired, people were singing carols to each other and all was peaceful, it was a Silent night.

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the Somme front were stopped by the weather and military operations by both sides were mostly restricted to survival in the rain, snow, fog, mud fields, waterlogged trenches and shell-holes.

Allies And central powers

Triple Entente: This alliance consisted of France, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Later in the war, other countries such as Italy, the United States, and others joined the Allies. Central Powers: Triple Alliance: The main members of the Central Powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. Bulgaria also joined the Central Powers later in the war. World War I was characterized by trench warfare on the Western Front, battles on the Eastern Front, and various campaigns in other theaters. The war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.