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Aginsky Buryat okrug is an administrative-territorial unit inZabaykalskyKrai of the Russian Federation. AginskyBuryat district occupies the Central southern part in Zabaykalie, situated between major rivers the Onon and theIngoda.

Aginsky Buryat okrug

Aginskoe is an urban-type settlement in Zabaikalsky region of Russia, administrative center of the Aginsky Buryat okrug. The town is situated on the bank of the Aga river. The nearest railway station is located in the village of Mogoytuy which is 32 km north-east of the village. Chita is in about 150 kilometers from Aginskoe. The population is 17 thousand people.

Town of Aginskoe

Aginsky datsan

A striking element of culture and one of the most important places of worship of Aginsky district and is Aginsky datsan "Dechen Lhundubling" - a Buddhist monastery complex (datsan). It is the largest Buddhist community in Zabaikalie, the object of federal significance. Datsan is located in the village Amithasha, in 6 km south-west of the central part of Aginskoye. Datsan was founded in 1811, the overall design has been constructed as the Orthodox Church, but has been adapted for a Buddhist temple.

Lake Nozhy

Lake Nozhy is the largest in the Aginsk district, and it is one of the most wonderful places in Zabaikalie. It is situated in 15 km from the village of Tsokto Hangil and 40 km from Aginskoe. Water surface area is 5.2 sq. km. Water is salty, its depth is about 10 m. The western shore is gently sloping, but the East one is cool. In the area surrounding the pond there is a nature monument of regional value "The Community of semi-desert plants at the lake Nozhey".

Relic pine forest Tsyrik-Narasun

Relic pine forest Tsyrik-Narasun (in Buryat "pine army") is located in 1 km to the east of the road Aginskoe- Tsasuchei (67 km). This is an amazing relic forest of pines Krylov and an amazing natural phenomenon. The age of the largest trees are 300 - 400 years. In 1980, the forest was declared a natural monument. Its total area is 1500 hectares. From a distance, the forest is like a group of soldiers. The legend says that the hero of the Buryat epic Babzhi Baras-Bator ordered his soldiers to plant in the desert huge pines during one night to scare the enemy overlooking a vast "army". With the coming of the day countless enemies moved to them, but when they saw this forest in the distance, they thought it was an army of warriors. So they turned back. People love and are very proud of this sacred forest.

Togoon Shuluun

Togoon Shuluun– a group of stones near the river Onon and the village Budalan, It is located at an altitude of 1557 metres. Togoon Shuluun (stone pot, pot of Genghis Khan) - a granite boulder with the size of 6x5x3.9 m, weighing several tens of tons. It is a recognized object of a cult, not only among the Buryats, but also among locals of any nationality. Coins or even small stones are placed on the surface of the outcrop. Every believer must undergo an odd number of times around the object in the course of the sun.

The national park Alkhanai