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Sensor-Based Monitoring and Adaptation for Geriatric Environments

Farshid Rayhan



Health Monitoring:Fall Detection and Prevention:Motion Sensors: Environmental Monitoring:Activity and Behavior Monitoring:Smart Cameras: Cognitive Assistance:Smart Assistants: Communication and Social Interaction:Video Conferencing: Social Interaction Adaptive Living Spaces:Smart Furniture: Furniture equipped with sensors can adjust height or provide support based on the user's needs.Smart Beds: Beds that can monitor sleep patterns and adjust positions for comfort.Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI):Pattern Recognition: Analyze data from various sensors to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies.Predictive Analytics: Anticipate potential health issues or emergencies based on historical data.Privacy and Security Measures:Encryption and Authentication: Ensure that sensitive health data is protected.User Permissions:


Sensor-based monitoring and adaptation in geriatric environments involve the use of various sensors to collect data, analyze patterns, and implement adaptive solutions to enhance the well-being and safety of older adults. This approach leverages technology to create smart environments that can respond to the specific needs and challenges of the aging population. Here are key aspects and technologies involved in sensor-based monitoring and adaptation for geriatric environments:


We establish a baseline for each patient over time and derive a pattern of behaviour Intuition:We humans like routines and thats what we leverage

We can have a station per client?


Vision Transformer Vision + NLP self attention TransformerOpenCV

Pros Cons
LiDaR sensor in each room

Alternative Solution

  • Better segmentation for object and behaviour recognition
  • We can provide software updates for years before updating the sensor
  • We can extract body position ie sleeping
position etc
  • Sensor expensive
  • Single point of failure
  • Requires more skill to maintain and manage