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Christopher Ayala


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Trends and deveploments

Salary and career growth

Education, skills, and certification

Description and job responsibilities




This career interest me because it's a challenging career that can make you get stressful sometimes but you have to make important decisions, you have to resolve problems, and you have to argue to find the best outcome. But I like to see it as a way your gonna help people protect their rights in the best possible way to find the best solution for them.

Description and job responsibilities

Lawyers are the people that represent clients in criminal and civil litigation and other legal proceedings, they draw up legal documents, or manage or advise clients on legal transactions. Sometimes they may specialize in a single area which could be just in criminal cases, immigration cases, juvenile cases or etc. They may practice in all areas of law. This job also has some responsibilities like always advising your clients for the best possible outcome and representing them in criminal or civil proceedings.

The education you need is to have a professional degree or a doctoral degree. But most people have a professional degree and your gonna need some skills to be the best in your job: some basic skills are listening to others while not interrupting them and asking good questions. Some other skills are noticing what the problem is and figuring out the best way to solve it. You also need certification depending the area you're focusing on.

Education, skills, and certification

The salary expectation where I want to work it ranges on $129,990 annually which is in California, Anaheim. There's gonna be an average of 8% growth which means there's gonna be opportunities to find work here in the future.

Salary and career growth



  • Increasing Importance of Legal Technology;
  • Coping with Increased Volume and Complexity of Information;
  • Meeting Changing Client/Leadership Expectations;
  • Emphasis on Improved Efficiency/ Productivity; and
  • Growth of Alternative Legal Service Providers.
  • Legal workflow automitation
  • law firm data security
  • Employee retention
  • The block chain
  • Hybrid work

Trends and deveplomets

Becoming a lawyer is not gonna be an easy a career, but base on my findings its gonna be a career I'm gonna be happy with to wake up every day and have the multivitamin to go work. This career is appealing because insures in protecting rights of people, organizations, and the government.


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