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Review for Unit 4 and 5 World History (Enlightenment through World War II).



Enlightenment through WWII Review




  • Play with a group of people or in teams.
  • The objective is to reach the central square in first position.
  • Choose the animal from the tiles that will represent you throughout the game.
  • Click on the die to know how many squares you have to advance, always following the path of the color that corresponds to you.
  • Be careful with the tick boxes! They contain challenges that you must overcome in order to continue advancing
  • If you fail the challenge, you go back 3 squares.





Unit 4 and 5 Review Game


Final Question

Roll a Die

Restart game

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under stalin's leadership, the ussr was what type of government?

What was one justification for imperialism?(a reason why industrialized countries thought it was okay to take over other countries)

the league of nations was supposed to maintain world ________.

what caused the great depression?

what is one thing that lenin promised the russian people?(there are three things)

what is something the treaty of versailles took away from germany?

Name three different groups that were persecuted during the Holocaust.

Final Round

Industrialized countries needed more resources, which caused what major world event?Hint... it also starts with an 'I'.

most of the factory workers during the industrial revolution were.......

Name one difference between the french and american revolutions

Is this image showing the factory system or cottage system?

what is one impact napoleon had on world history?

what is a total war?

Harsh working conditions in the factories led to...

a) protestsb) reformsc) communismd) no changes

Who was a leader for the latin american revolutions?

A) Washingtonb) Bolivarc) Hidalgod) Louverture

a) washingtonb) bolivarc) Hidalgod) Louverture

Who was a leader for the haitian revolution?

Before world war II started, stalin and hitler had an agreement not to do what?

what the biggest cause of the Russian Revolution?A) Rasputinb) communismc) cZar nicholas' failed policiesd) Russia's victory in WWI

What was the immediate cuase of world war II?

Name one similarity between the French and American revolutions

what was the immediate cause of world war i?

which revolution was the first to put the enlightenment ideas into practice and law?

a) americanb) frenchc) haitiand) latin american

Who was the leader for the Mexican Revolution (1820)?

A) Washingtonb) Bolivarc) Hidalgod) Louverture

The Idea of natural rights was created by......

a) Rousseaub) Lockec) MarxD) Jefferson

what were two causes of world war i?

What is one of the goals of communism?

the economic hardships caused by the great depression directly led to the rise of...

who was a leader for the american revolution?

a) washingtonb) bolivarc) Hidalgod) Louverture

what was one goal during the congress of vienna?

how did muslim turks treat christian armenians during world war i?

In the social contract theory, the government should protect the People's......

A) Freedomsb) Rightsc) MoneyD) Power

the us entered world war II when.....

capitalism only cares about _____.