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Citing My Sources

Before my Compostition class I had never heard the term reading like a writer. I had no clue there was different ways to read a text that could better help me in writing my own papers.

Reading Like a Writer

Instead of reading for content or to better understand the ideas in the writing, you are trying to understand how the piece of writing was put together by the author and what you can learn about writing by reading a particular text.

The goal is to carefully consider the choices the author made and the techniques that he or she used, and then decide whether you want to make those same choices or use those same techniques in your own writing.

Then you can go one step further and imagine what different choices the author might have made instead, and what effect those different choices would have on readers.

The goal as you read like a writer is to locate what you believe are the most important choices represented in the text—choices as large as the overall structure or as small as a single word used only once—to consider the effect of those choices on potential readers.

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