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Algoma University, SSM Campus

Shingwauk Hall

Use this interactive page to learn a bit more about Algoma University, details about the campus, and its deep history of Indigenous peoples.

North Wing and Speakeasy

West Wing and Arthur A. Wishart Library

George Leach Centre

Fauquier Chapel

The most notable spot in the North Wing, other than the campus' largest lecture hall, is the Speakeasy. Recently renovated in 2021, the Speakeasy includes a small restaurant/cafeteria, a bar, and a stage where a variety of events happen. Within the photo is a link to the Speakeasy's facebook page, where updates and advertisements are posted.

North Wing and Speakeasy

  • Public speaking events
  • Parties and gatherings
  • Drag shows

Home of the Thunderbirds. A small, humble campus in a small, humble city. Algoma University's campus in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada is primarily a business and social science post-secondary school with a past deep-rooted in Indigenous history. There are also two other campuses in Ontario, specifically in Brampton and Timmins, but the SSM campus is more well-known due to its history as previously being the grounds of a residential school.

Algoma University

Shingwauk Hall is the main building of the University. This building is most well-known for being built/renovated from the remains of a residential school, which was open from 1935-1970. It currently houses a project gallery known as the Shingwauk Residential School Centre, for which details are linked in the photo provided:

Shingwauk Hall

Shingwauk Hall also provides classrooms, offices, and spaces for student gatherings and public speaking events.

The website provides a detailed search for books that will tell a user the author, publisher, date of publication, description, the book's availability in the library, and it's stock position. There is also a bookstore within the library, specifically selling textbooks to students. Yes, we have to pay for textbooks.

The West Wing is a three-story building connected to the North Wing, Shingwauk Hall, and East Wing. There are not as many classrooms in the West Wing, it is more about faculty offices, including the Student Success offices - which is where students can seek support for scheduling and financial issues. Students do, however, spend a lot of time in Arthur A. Wishart Library, an expansive library across multiple levels. Due to the size of the library, you could spend hours looking for a book, but most people look for it on the website - which is linked in the picture provided.

Arthur A. Wishart Library

West Wing + Library

I can't say I know much about this building, because I'm not exactly athletic myself. I know that the GLC is free to use for any student that pays tuition, and includes gym equipment and courts for the school's basketball team(s). The link provided in the photo gives more details about the George Leach Centre facilities.

George Leach Centre

Sault Ste. Marie is well-known for its many Roman Catholic Churches, and this is no exception, although it is not in use anymore. It, along with the nearby cemetery, is the only untouched structure from the old Shingwauk Residential School still remaining on campus. Yes, Shingwauk Hall was created from the original building of the residential school, but it has been heavily renovated to fit the needs of an established university. The chapel is a historical memorial for the children who attended the residential school in the past, so that the Catholic Church never forgets.

Bishop Fauquier Chapel

The link provided in the photo will give some more context to the construction and history of the chapel.