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Many Brazilians have great ideas to regenerate their environments. The projects we support are simple, relatively small and modular, designed to inspire action and be replicated across existing networks.

Our Projects


Planting traditional seeds and preserving traditional arts for autonomy, food security and self-sufficiency. The Noke Koi Indigenous people have been living for many years by the road to Cruzeiro do Sul.

Noke Koi Indigenous people.

  • Location: Tarauacá, Acre
  • Cost: £20,000
  • Launch: Dependant on funding

Connecting Mangrovesin the Amazon

  • Goals: Restore an over 55 hectares of degraded land
  • Plant Over 1 million trees, covering both ecosystems
  • Empower and employ 40 people as seed collectors, planters and local leaders

Supporting the connection between threatened ecosystems and the stories of hundreds of Quilombola communities.

Cultural and ecological restoration supporting the Quilombo Kalunga, a traditional black community whose resilience is an inspiration to us. Quilombo Kalunga stands as a stronghold within the Cerrado, one of the world's most biodiverse regions.

Voices of the Cerrado

  • Goals: Preseve and protect a min 200 hectares
  • Establish min 25 agroforestry plots
  • UK schools partnerships

Terena Media Collective with donations of audio visual equipment including cameras, camcorders, tripods, hard drives and more, supporting their aims of sending out their voices and images as a form of Indigenous resistance.

Audio-visual equipment for Indigenous Terena Media Collective

  • Location: Recife, Pernambuco
  • Equipment worth almost 3,000 reais
  • Launch: 2020

A food security project that began in the Passarinho favela. Working with a Black women’s group, Rede Pela Transição to establish a centre to demonstrate urban agroecology techniques to the local residents.

Urban Agroecology in Recife.

  • Location: Recife, Pernambuco
  • Cost: £12,000
  • Launch: May 2020

Supporting environmental activists on the frontline in the Valley of Jequitinonha protecting and reforesting the springs around Cachoeira to improve the streams systems and ecosystems.

Regenerating springs in one of the poorest and driest regions of Brazil.

  • Location: Minas Gerais
  • Launch: May 2020

The regeneration of the Atlantic Forest and the preservation of Brazilwood (otherwise known as the pernambuco tree), this iconic tree, known for crafting string instrument bows, is on the brink of extinction after enduring years of illicit exploitation.

Trees of Music

  • Location: The Atlantic Forest
  • Cost: £90,000
  • Trees Planted: 70,000