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BlackRock'sBitcoin ETF

By Hanna Tariku, Archie Fisher, Finlay Luke, Syed Hussayn Aleem, Yean-Xin Lim, Hui Wen Chong



Methods of mitigating threats


Strategic Opportunities

What is BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF?

Who is BlackRock?




Who is Blackrock?

  • American multinational investment company
    • Investment, advisory, risk management solution
  • Purpose: Help people experience financial well-being (BlackRock, n.d.)
    • Contributing to a more equitable and resilient world
  • Leading Provider of Financial Technology
  • World's largest asset manager
    • Oversees $9.4 trillion in assets (Ungarion, 2023)
  • BlackRock is a majority investor in almost every major publicly traded company
    • Profits from companies' operations & as major shareholder
  • Aims to promote sustainability & low carbon transition (BlackRock, n.d.)
  • Customers: financial advisors, insurance companies, etc.

Who is blackrock?


What are bitcoin ETFS?what is blackrock's bitcoin etf?

What is BlackRock's ETF?

What are Bitcoin ETFs?

Firstly, Forbes (2023) identifies how the SEC currently has only accepted Bitcoin ETFs that track futures contracts, with indirect exposure to the cryptocurrency. Investopedia (2023) details how BlackRock and others aim to gain approval for an ETF that directly invests in the cryptocurrency. CF Benchmarks (2023) illustrates that BlackRock’s ETF aims to do this through tracking the current price of Bitcoin using the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate and Coinbase's custodian services to achieve this. These, daily spot prices reflect the cryptocurrencies performance in financial markets. The spot Bitcoin ETF is a product distinct from current competition in the market.

The term ETF stands for Exchange-Traded Funds​ Singh (2023) explains a Bitcoin ETF is a financial asset which allows investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin's price fluctuations without investing into the cryptocurrency. The investor does not need to own a digital wallet or forgo cryptocurrency exchanges

Strategic Opportunities


Reduced complexity for individual investorsMore investment opportunitiesBetter than future-based ETFs

Provides access to new demographic groupsCrypto furnishes certain options that are simply not available with fiat currencyHelp spur internal awareness in companies about this technology

Market competitivenessPotential for increased tax revenuesForeign Investment


Strategic opportunities








Regulatory Challenges

Regulators must navigate concerns regarding:- fraud- investor protection - market manipulation- systemic risk

Companies that hold cryptocurrency assets are exposed to market fluctuations that could lead to financial distress

Volatility Exposure

Existing crypto firms may not be able to compete with major asset management firms like BlackRock

Market Disruption

Lack of ownership means investors don't have direct access or control over their Bitcoin. This also results in no anonymity and higher ETF fees.

No Direct Ownership

Market volatility of bitcoin can lead to large investor losses


Threats to ...

Methods of mitigating threats


Understand associated risks (e.g. volatility and costs)

Avoid overexposure to Bitcoin ETFSpread risk

Essential for market stabilitySurveillance-sharing agreement

Educate yourself

Diversify your porfolio

Develop effective market oversight

Understand potential disruption impacts(Jacobi Asset Managment, 2023)

Achieve regulatory clarity

methods of mitigating risks




  • Bitcoin ETF Proposal: BlackRock's spot Bitcoin ETF could enhance cryptocurrency adoption and liquidity
  • ETFs vs. Trusts: Highlighted differences, emphasizing BlackRock's innovative approach.
  • Opportunities Presented:
    • Individuals: Easier, potentially cheaper Bitcoin investment.
    • Businesses: Access to blockchain technology and new customer segments.
    • Governments: Economic growth and increased tax revenue through crypto-friendly policies.
  • Potential Risks: Market volatility and the necessity for comprehensive regulatory oversight.
  • Bitcoin's Future with ETFs: BlackRock's involvement signifies a major shift, possibly leading to more institutional adoption and market stability.
  • Regulatory Landscape: Growing pressure and risk mitigation pointing towards likely SEC approval of Bitcoin ETFs.









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Hanna Tariku, Archie Fisher, Finlay Luke, Syed Hussayn Aleem, Yean-Xin Lim, Hui Wen Chong


BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF