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Double vision; seeing 2 images of a single object while looking at it.


Dysarthria is where you have difficulty speaking because the muscles you use for speech are weak.


Feeling light headed and difficulty to balance and maintain postural stability.


Difficulty or discomfort while swallowing


A rhythmical, repetitive and involuntary movement of the eyes. It is usually from side to side, but sometimes up and down or in a circular motion. Both eyes can move together or independently of each other. A person with nystagmus has no control over this movement of the eyes.


Loss of feeling in a body part. It can often be accompanied by tingling or burning.


Feeling unwell and an urge to vomit.

Drop Attacks

Sudden falls with or without loss of consciousness, due either to collapse of postural muscle tone or to abnormal muscle contractions in the legs.


Loss of muscle control in arms and legs. This may lead to a lack of balance, coordination, and trouble walking. Ataxia may affect the fingers, hands, arms, legs, body, speech, and even eye movements.