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You were waiting to go to the underworld. As you wait for Charon, the boatman, you realize that you are missing something, you quickly make a checklist in your mind, you know you have your coin, you don't know what you are missing. Charon arrives and takes you across the river. That's when you remember that you forgot to say the Shahada. you think about what you can do, and you decide that your best hope is to escape the underworld, but you know it won't be easy. you would have to get back across the river, get past Cerberus, and find a way back to earth.


Got to cerberus


So, you wish to get past me, I'll let you do it, if you solve my riddle


I am the ruler of the underworld,Where souls reside in eternal slumber.With a stern gaze and a heart of stone,I judge the living and the long gone.


Good, you got past cerberus, now solve Charon's riddles so he can take you back across the river

Nice, Charon took you back across the river, you were told that there is a portal that can take you back to Earth, but they lost the key

Find correct the key to continue (there are two

You died

Perfect, you found the key to the portal and you are back at earth, but, due to your long journey, you forgot how to say the shahada, find the paper with it written down.

Find shahada paper to continue

R yvzi drgmvhh gszg gsviv a rh ml Tlw yfg Tlw (Zoozs – r.v.b gsviv rh mlmv dligsb luc dlihsrk yfg Zoopzs), zmw Nfsznnzw rh gsv Nvhhevmtvi lu Zoorzs

Decipher the phrase (the text below)

hint: Only click if spent 10+ mins on this


Look at the light blue leters

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