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Achilles tendon is widely regarded as the strongest and largest tendon in the human body. It is exceptionally strong because it needs to withstand the significant forces generated during activities like walking, running and jumping.The primary function of the Achilles tendon is to transmit the force generated by the calf muscles to the heel, facilitating movement of the foot and ankle.

Achilles tendon

Extensor Retinaculum

The extensor retinaculum is a band of fibrous tissue that acts as a protective structure over the tendons on the dorsal surface of the foot and ankle. It helps to hold these tendons in place, preventing them from bowing out or moving too far away from the joint during movement.It is an important anatomical structure in the ankle that provides support and stability to the tendons of the anterior leg muscles, facilitating proper movement and function of the foot and ankle

Extensor Hallucis Longus

Origin: middle part of the fibula and the interosseous membraneInsertion: base of the distal phalanx (end bone) of the big toe Function: Toe extension and Dorsiflexion

Origin: 1. Lateral codyle of of tibia2. Lateral surface of the proximal 2/3 of tibiaInsertion: 1. Medial cuneiform 2. 1st metatarsal base along medial and inferior surface Function:1. Dorsiflex the ankle 2. Invertion of foot

Tibialis Anterior

Fibularis brevis

Origin: Lower 2/3 of fibulaInsertion: base of the fifth metatarsal boneFuntion: Eversion and Plantarflextion

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Insertion: Lower third of the fibulaInsertion: Fifth metatarsal bone on the lateral side of the footFuntion: Dorsiflextion and Eversion

Extensor Digitorum Longus

Origin: lateral condyle of the tibia, the upper three-fourths of the fibula, and the interosseous membraneInsertion: Middle and distal phalanges of the second through fifth toesFunction: Toe extension and Dorsiflextion

Fibularis longus

Origin: Head and proximal 1/2 to 2/3 of lateral side of fibula.Insertion: lateral sides of medial (1st) cuneiform and 1st metatarsalFuntion: Plantarflextion and Eversion of foot