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There is a handful of cool things that Goblin tools can do but the best one is to make to do lists to break down tasks into smaller steps. Once you have your steps, you can click on any of them to break down that step farther. Goblin.Tools

Bing with AI Bing chat is powered by ChatGPT and it is a more user-friendly experience. The first thing you are faced with is if you want the conversation to be more creative, balanced, or precise.

QuestionwellQuestionwell.org is an ai powered question maker. The thing that sets questionwell apart from the others is that you can export your questions into a Kahoot, Blooket, quizizz, and even Microsoft Forms and schoology assessments.

Lumio Made especially for Smartnotebook Users Do you like SmartNotebook? How about all those interactive games and activities? The web version of SmartNotebook is called Lumio. By giving your students a code, they can join your lesson from anywhere without having to stream from Teams or your SmartBoard. The students and you share the same space. It is like a very simplistic Nearpod. Sign in using your school credentials and give it a try today. Check out the library of video tutorials available on YouTube. Lumio Tutorial Library

Almanack.aiAlmanack.ai allows you to use artificial Intelligence to create the following: slide decks, flashcards, handouts, worksheets, quizzes, interview questions, rubrics, essay feedback, summarizer, a 5E lesson plan maker and so much more.

CuripodCuripod.com is a great new AI that is also free and plays a lot like Nearpod. You can create full slide decks or make single activity slides such as: Drawing prompt, discussion questions, would you rather…, or an exit ticket with AI feedback.

Flip(grid)Flip now has the ability to create discussion posts with AI, making it even easier to use for teachers. There is also a discovery tab to see what prompts others have made.

CanvaCanva has added a whole slew of AI tools recently. With Canva you can edit images, generate images and create all sorts of presentations and graphics for the classroom.

OpenAI Codex OpenAI Codex was once just a function of ChatGPT. created an improved version of OpenAI Codex, our AI system that translates natural language to code, and we are releasing it through our API in private beta right now.

PolycoderPolycoder is an open-source alternative to OpenAI’s Codex. Developed by the researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, the model is based on OpenAI’s GPT-2, which is trained on a 249 GB codebase written in 12 programming languages.

Cogram is a code generation tool aimed at data scientists and Python programmers using SQL queries and Jupyter Notebooks. Data scientists can write queries in the English language that the tool translates into complex SQL queries

Flip(grid)Flip now has the ability to create discussion posts with AI, making it even easier to use for teachers. There is also a discovery tab to see what prompts others have made.

PerplexityPerplexity is a lot like ChatGPT. The big difference here is that when you type in a prompt, perplexity will give you an answer and the sources it used for that answer complete with clickable links to the articles.

Gyosu.aiGyosu.ai is an ai for the math classroom. It has a problem generator. All you need to do is tell it the math level and source of questions you want, and it allows you to add questions to a question bank that you can download, or print. Limit

SlidesgoSlidesgo provides access to free templates via Google Slides and now has the AI Presentation Maker. Simply choose a topic; select a tone such as casual, creative, or professional; make changes; and download your presentation.

Lovo.aiLovo.ai is an ai voice generator that is free and very cool. You can take any text and turn it into a podcast instantly. . Many voices to choose from that are NOT robotic sounding. You can even clone your own voice.

QuillbotQuillBot.com is an AI-driven writing platform that is focused on a multitude of writing needs. Whether you are looking to paraphrase existing content, summarize lengthy articles, or need assistance in creative and academic writing.