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EDU-522 Assignment

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Throughout history there have been several "Schools of Thought" regardidng theories behind learning.Click on each "School" to learn more about the three that have stood the test of time.

Learning Theories: Part 1

Theorists: Thorndike, Pavlov, WatsonCharacteristics: behavior conditioning, observable, measurable, scientificMemory: Information is transferred to new situations through structural patterns.Learning: Stimuli in the external environment are altered to elicit specific responses from the learner.Types: signal learning, stimuls-response, motor chains, observational learning


Theorists: Kohler, Piaget, BrunerCharacteristics: learning how to learn, information processing, skill buildingMemory: Information is sorted into short-term or long-term memory depending on the learner's perception of importance.Learning: Learning is an internal process. Learners manage their own thinking and processing capabilities.Types: reflective writing/journaling, summarizing, discussion, exploration


Theorists: Bandura, Vygotsky, DeweyCharacteristics: active involvement, uses feedback, reshapes knowledge, intuitiveMemory: Learners focus on reflection and application of knowledge versus memorization of content.Learning: Learners observe and interact in an apprentice-like relationship with others and grow to become independent.Types: partner-tasks, group projects, problem-based learning