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Bucket Lists & Future Goals

Class 5

Audio: Buckets lists

Verbal phrases

  • ...it hasn’t really been in circulation for all that long...
  • ...the term had popped up in conversations..
  • ... they want to make the best of their final days before they kick the "bucket"...
  • So, have a look at what is out there...
  • If you could travel to any country in the world, where would you go? Why?
  • What other activities would be on your 'bucket list'?
  • Do you think everyone should have a 'bucket list'?
  • Would you ever like to live in another country?


More Questions...

  • Do you feel that you have enough free time these days?
  • Do you ever think about what you will do when you retire?
  • Do you think you will have more free time when you are older?
  • What are your long term personal goals?