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Social Studies

ConceptsCAT session 14.11.23

Ice Breaker How many concepts can you remember from the Monkey Proof BoxNO CHEATING!


Use the concept grid and discuss the following questions

Which Concepts?

In curricular level groups, note down 9 concepts that you think we should prioritise.Questions to consider:

  • What 9 concepts would you prioritise most for Springfield?
  • Why should these be prioritised?
Then order these using a diamond 9
  • Which concepts are most important? Why?

Springfield Concepts

Look and discuss other groups' diamond 9Questions to consider:

  • What are the concepts prioritised by all staff?
  • What differences are there?
  • Have the discussions with others changed your thoughts in any way


Use the menti to record concepts prioritised by all/most staff

Use the word document to make connections between bundles/topics, concepts and cross cutting themes Questions to consider:

  • What topics/bundles do you currently do at your stage?
  • How could these naturally tie into each concept? (diamond 9)
  • What connections between concepts, topics and cross cutting themes can be made?

Making Connections

Final Reflections

  • Which cross cutting theme interests you most?
  • How can we consult with our families and children about concepts?
  • How should our planning and pedagogy in IDL working groups be split?
(e.g. cross cutting themes, bundles, stages etc.)



Staff Concept Priorities

Final Reflections

Working parties - Stages/Levels – research as a stage how could this be used in practice - focus on pedagogyResponsive from children – how do we do this if we are planning? - Framework/skeleton -System for recording what has been covered (One Note) Consultation - Pupils - Pupil parliament highlighting concepts matter most/would like to learn about? - What does meaningful consultation look like? Parents - concerns about parent complaints about topics (sharing rather than consulting), (drop in sessions?) - suggestions and ideas to support conversations at home about concepts