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"Barranquilla, A Perfect Destination, a window to the world"

Travel Guide

Student: Juan Viloria


  • This presentation highlights Barranquilla as a perfect travel destination. It offers a variety of tourist activities, travel tips, cultural facts such as local superstitions, and suggestions on when to go, where to stay, and what to try in terms of food and drinks. It also provides information about transportation, language, currency, and tipping customs. Overall, the presentation is designed to generate interest in Barranquilla and encourage the audience to enjoy their trip to this fascinating city.

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  • You should bring sunscreen and insect repellent, as the climate can be hot and humid.
  • - Respect the rules and traditions of the region, such as dressing appropriately when visiting religious places.
  • - Do not drink tap water. It is recommended to drink bottled water to avoid illnesses.
  • - You don't have to worry about transportation, as the city has reliable taxis and public transportation.

"Travel Tips"

"What to Do"

  • Enjoy panoramic views from La Ventana del Mundo.
  • Explore tourist sites like Malecon del Rio Magdalena and Museo del Caribe.
  • Discover the rich history and culture by visiting Castillo de Salgar and Catedral Metropolitana.
  • Enjoy water activities at nearby beaches like Puerto Velero.
  • Seeing a black cat crossing the street is considered bad luck.
  • If you spill salt, throwing it over your left shoulder is believed to ward off bad luck
  • The best time to visit Barranquilla and La Ventana del Mundo is during the Barranquilla Carnival in February. This famous four-day festival showcases the region's culture and traditions.

"When to Go"


- Try the delicious traditional food of the region, including arroz con coco, sancocho de pescado, and buñuelos. - Sample the typical Barranquilla drink called corozo juice and the famous Colombian rum.

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-Getting around Barranquilla is easy with taxis, buses, and colectivos (shared taxis). Car rental services are also available for more flexibility.-The main language spoken in Barranquilla and Colombia is Spanish-The currency used in Colombia is the Colombian peso.

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We hope you have enjoyed our presentation about Barranquilla and that it has sparked your interest in visiting this wonderful city.Barranquilla has a lot to offer, from its rich culture and beautiful beaches to its delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife. We are confident that you will have an unforgettable trip.

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