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How can you support someone through the Appeal process?


Four ways to support the individual


Organise the hearing within good time after the investigation has been concluded (within ten days) ensuring that you give the individual at least 48 hours’ notice.


At the beginning of the hearing check that they have received the invite letter and the evidence and they understand the allegation(s), answer any questions that they may have.






Put them at ease, re-assure them that you are approaching the appeal hearing with an open mind, you’re impartial, and will take everything that they say into consideration before making your decision.

Read the room – if they appear anxious, emotional, or distressed, offer them additional breaks during the meeting, and take your time when asking questions.

Going through the appeal process may cause worry and stress, consider the following to support the individual:


A family member attending the Appeal hearing with them.

The invite letter and evidence being printed off and sent to them via post.

Extra adjournments being planned throughout the meeting.

Delivering the outcome verbally as well as in written format

Reasonable Adjustments

It is not uncommon for an individual to require reasonable adjustments to support them through the process; they may have sensory needs, struggle with a mental health condition or have a disability. If they raise this, ask them if they require any adjustments through the process. Here are some examples:

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