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Learning Objective:
  • To be able to identify types of communication in the workplace.
  • To be able to explain how a team can communicate in a successful way.
  • To be able to discuss the benefits of successful communication.

Birch (Employability)Communication

Task 1 (starter)In pairs sit back-to-back. One person describes a drawing to the other, who will draw it. Afterwards, check the drawingHow effective was your communication?

The Importance Of Communication

  • It is key to providing good customer service
  • It is also essential for good teamwork
  • Communication between colleagues will impact the quality of the service they provide
  • Idea sharing can improve the quality of a team project
  • Helps build better relationships between colleagues and friends

Ways of Communicating

Non-verbal expressions/body language

Verbal- talking ( face to face, telephone)

ICT - social networking

Written-memos, letters, orders, notes

Communicating with a smile always ensures that information is better passed on

Make sure you know what you're talking about first

How to make sure your communication is passed along perfectly

Avoid using confusing language or slang - use appropriate language

Be clear, concise - leave no room for doubt

Consider your reader or listener

Be correct with facts and figures

Communicate with a good tone of voice and a smile - your colleague will appreciate it

Can you justify why a head chef needs excellent communication skills

Role play several different emotions through body language.

How does body language affect communication

How would you be effective when writing a letter


Bring together



Explain the importance of excellent communication when taking a booking over the phone



Lists 5 ways we communicate and the advantages of each