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how to be asthetic

by lilacbobatea

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have a timetable

it is key for you to have a plan of the day and schedule so you can be ready for any classes or work. lots of people don't include this but it is a key factor. in the decription there are links to pinterest timetables

from pinterest

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ur outfit shows ur real self

have cosy and neutral themed fits as they are quite appealing

remember are you a tomboy or softgirl?

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ur hairstyles has the same level of importance as ur outfits so remember to put ur effort into doing it.

half up, full down or full tied?

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self care

this can be skincare or just making urself feel better. this has a big impact on the way u can express the natural glow of ur body!

remember to check for products that suit ur skin well


quote of today:act as if everything you do makes a difference to the world... it does


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tip: use any sort of web or app (google, pinterest etc.) to find timetables or schedules :)

tip: find neutral colours that suit you so that you can mix and match with different colours *navy/light blue/purple*

tip: try having different and unique hairstyles evry day as this is beneficial. maybe a rota for it?

Tip: maybe have a routine for ur self care. maybe u can treat urself once in a while?