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Escape room

Supply Chain


Goal: client gratificationYou are going to have to pass through an escenario with certain difficulties to accomplish your goal...Do not worry, just the daily things...

You received an export sales order. OD negotiated with client a incoterm EXW and direct sale. You...

B) Ship it right away, a direct sale is a win for us

A) You detain export, check before with stakeholder even if client & OD get upset


You delay supplier's payment, shipping account is block for Import, Export & Samples. What would you do?

A) Nothing, Purchase to Pay (P2P) would solve it.

B) Approbe everything due urgency

C) Reunion with stakeholdersto check every single one of the pending documents


You have import urgencies from all OD, how do you priorize?

A) There are no preferences on my team, get in the line...

B) I would priorize all the urgent operations no matter if affects the ones planned acordingly

C) I would make a quick call with OD's to make a pulse check for the real urgencies.


A shipment suffers an accident before conclude export/import. You do not have any warehouse near by? What would you do?

A) Wait procurement team can make a contract

C) Send it to the nearest provisional wharehouse that broker could get.

C) Continue with operation, another team will deal with it


The authority issues a decree from one day to the next, which affects a large volume of deliveries to important customers, you...

A) I don't pay attention, everything the president of Mexico says doesn't matter

B) Cooperate with everything, ask the bussines to priorize deliverys

starT over?


You did the best facing all these adversities!